Will Rogers Students Experience Outsiders House | Books

SE Hinton was a student at Will Rogers High School when she wrote “The Outsiders,” a book that inspired a 1983 film adaptation.

That was then. It is now:

About 200 students from Will Rogers Middle School visited the Outsiders House Museum on Wednesday. A pre-tour press release said the visit took place after the students had read Hinton’s book and seen the film, which was filmed in Tulsa. The Outsiders House Museum is a former and important filming site, serving as the home of a family of “greaser” brothers in Francis Ford Coppola’s film.

Danny O’Connor, founder of the Outsiders House Museum, said it was a pleasure to host the students since Will Rogers is Hinton’s alma mater and he is an honorary Will Rogers Roper.

O’Connor is a musical artist who purchased the residence at 731 N. Saint Louis Ave. and oversaw the conversion of the house into a museum filled with memorabilia related to the book and film.

The Outsiders House Museum has drawn celebrities (including Leonardo DiCaprio and ‘The Outsiders’ cast members), but Will Rogers’ student visit was considered a looping moment since ‘The Outsiders’ was created by one of theirs. .

“I can’t think of another scenario where kids can walk down the hall of the same school as the author, read the book, watch the movie, visit the movie location, and see memorabilia from the production,” O’Connor said in the press release.

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