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When we meet a new person, we often ask, “What are you doing? », In reference to his profession or his industry. Nine times out of ten when answering “economic development”, our team receives a rather puzzled look.

Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to highlight different aspects of economic development and their symbiotic nature. Ultimately, the goal of any economic developer is to create a well-balanced system, which attracts and sustains business, industrial, residential investment and quality of life. An increase in quality jobs leads to growth in roofs. A variety of housing options are essential to support a community‘s growing workforce, which must be sustained by a strong talent development pool meeting the needs of today and tomorrow. As the population grows, national retailers are beginning to view the region as a viable opportunity for new establishments.

These are substantial goals and CIEDA could not achieve any of its goals without the help of its many partner organizations and private sector investment. Whether they are educational institutions, nonprofits, government agencies and other community groups, our team is fortunate to collaborate with others who are passionate about improving the quality of life. place we call home. Economic development is truly a team sport.

While this explanation is brief, the Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce will provide a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the world of economic development during its next State of the Economy on Friday, December 17 at Rogers State University. I would like to personally invite you to join the business leaders of CIEDA, the Chamber and the Claremore region in reviewing the key economic indicators that could have an impact on the coming year.

Russell Evans, Interim Dean of the Meinders School of Business and Professor of Economics at the University of Oklahoma City, will share state and national forecasts to help local business owners and community members with their strategic planning for 2022. Additionally, I will have the opportunity to provide attendees with a brief annual economic recap and share some exciting announcements for Rogers County in 2022.

You can reserve your spot today by visiting the Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce website at www.claremore.org and clicking on the events tab. Hope to see you all there!

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve my hometown in this capacity. In a true partnership, we work together to build our community and define a legacy for future generations.

Best regards,

Meggie Froman-Chevalier

Executive director


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