Tullahassee City Manager Guides Revitalization of Oklahoma’s Oldest All-Black City: “From Black Freedom to Black Hope” | New


More recently, the leaders of Tullahassee have received national attention.

Over the summer, they joined a coalition formed by mayors Eric Garcetti and Michael Hancock, of Los Angeles and Denver, called “MORE”. It means mayors organized for reparations and equity.

A dozen communities across the United States have joined the coalition, including Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Providence, RI and Durham, NC – and the smallest of all, Tullahassee. All of these communities have one thing in common when they join the coalition: to find programs and initiatives for reparations and fairness.

“A lot of Oklahoma’s powerful spirits can really help guide the city,” Davis said.

One of those mighty spirits is Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell. He joined the coalition in September and attended the meeting at the feet of Tullahassee.

A strong community

Drive to Tullahassee and you probably won’t see much in the city center. But if you go down a little further, near some houses, you will find activity.

Families, young and old alike, often sit outside and chat with each other. They can barbecue, or maybe sing songs from the golden age. During the day, residents can mow their lawns or work in the fields. It would not be uncommon for people to stop by their PO Box to pick up their mail after a long day at work. It’s a community through and through, and a strong community to boot.

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