Thunder prospect rating: Mike Muscala


A former second-round pick, Mike Muscala has been a quality player throughout his career. Now that he’s 30, the 6-foot-10 forward is playing a sort of mentoring role to the Oklahoma City Thunder off the field.

On the court, Muscala is a great floor space that’s perfect for the bench of a modern NBA team. A loyal player and person, he is well respected in the league.

As each player in this series is evaluated, it’s important to consider the prospect they are now, but more importantly, what they might look like five years from now when the Thunder are once again a competitive team in playoffs.

Figures from last season

Muscala has spent the last two seasons with the Thunder, occupying various roles. Last season at OKC, he averaged 9.7 points and 3.8 rebounds per game while shooting 91.7% from the line and 37.0% from depth.

While he was an effective goalscorer, Muscala has also proven to be an improved defender in recent seasons. He’s certainly not a defensive stopper, but he’s useful at this end of the pitch and tends to make a positive impact.

What’s most interesting about Muscala is that he could have been knocked down on last year’s trade deadline, but he chose to stay. Even knowing he wasn’t a big part of the plans for the rest of the season at Oklahoma City, he preferred to end the season with the team heading towards free will.

Muscala has shown on several occasions that he enjoys playing in the Thunder organization and is happy to be a part of the squad, whatever the role.

Adapt to the current list

Muscala was brought back to OKC at 30 to be a leader on and off the pitch for the next two seasons. Signed for a contract worth $ 7 million over two seasons, he will play an interesting role in the future.

With that in mind, Muscala will be truly valuable to have with the youth of the Thunder roster. At the front office, especially since winning is not the focus of the team at the moment, its impact on the pitch is not as important.

On the contrary, if he can be a veteran to help young people develop, it is his role and what matters most.

If Muscala can teach the guys how to play well and be a good person, this contract will be obvious.

Long-term adjustment

It’s hard to find a long-term Oklahoma City fit for Muscala. Even before he was re-signed at the start of free agency, it seemed unlikely he would be brought back by the Thunder.

With that in mind, he might be the next one Nick collison for the Thunder. Oklahoma City has shown that it values ​​players who embody the culture they have established.

Whether for the next two years or beyond, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Muscala play a veteran role in OKC for years to come.

Overall, Muscala was a great signing for the Thunder and he should be worth every penny for what he does behind the scenes.

Prospect ranking

C +

Muscala at 30 is obviously not a prospect, but gets a solid rating for what he will do for other prospects on the list. Plus, when he’s on the ground this season, he’ll also be quite good with his ability to stretch the ground and get it right.

Muscala’s impact on this team in the 2021-22 season and beyond might go unnoticed by some, but Thunder GM Sam presti knows how much he brings to the table.

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