Thunder Draft: Developing the upside with Tari’s season

In the upcoming draft, there are quite a few players who have just started to scratch the surface of their potential. The Oklahoma City Thunder could target these prospects to grow in their system.

A player who fits this mold is Tari Reason. An explosive forward who plays with passion, he has proven himself an NBA talent but has the advantage of becoming a legitimate contributor at the top level.

Over two college seasons, he spent one year playing for Cincinnati and one for LSU. In what was a second breakout campaign, he showed his ability to improve his game and develop as a player.

Last season, Eason produced 16.9 points and 6.6 rebounds per game in just 24.4 minutes per game. Simply put, he was very productive every minute he was on the floor.

Similar to Jerami Grant, Oklahoma City could help him become a complementary NBA star in his early seasons. Eason is 6-foot-8 with a strong frame and has the ability to defend and space the ground as a forward.

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An extremely physical prospect with an NBA-ready body, Eason is an excellent defender. He is also aggressive behind the wheel and shoots fouls. When defenders play, he was able to knock down shots from the perimeter, converting 35.9% of his 3-pointers last season.

Tari Eason, 2022 NBA Draft

Although he has the ability to create on offense, Eason could still improve on that front. Also, forwards in the modern NBA are tasked with handling the ball quite a bit. He was loose with the ball at times which will need to be worked on to the next level.

Either way, Eason has the tools to be productive in the NBA. He may not have the superstar cap that top prospects in the class have, but hard-hitting role players are hugely important for teams that want to make the playoffs.

Outside of the Thunder’s first pick, they’ll need to take complementary players who have a high first-round cap. Eason could be a perfect fit for OKC with his desire to win games and his high drive.

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