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The list of benefits offered by the US government to veterans is long. According to, a news and resource website for service members, veterans and their families, these benefits include disability compensation, retirement programs, free or low-cost medical care in hospitals. and VA medical facilities, education plans, mortgage guarantees, job training, small business administration loans, counseling, and funerals. (These are the most popular benefits for veterans in all states.)

For a variety of reasons, some states across the country are better places for military veterans to retire, and the worst state for veterans benefits is New Jersey.

The number of people eligible for veteran benefits is significant. Pew Research reports that there are 19 million American veterans. The percentage of those in WWII has fallen to less than 1%. The number of Korean War veterans has fallen to 5%. Almost 70% are Vietnam War and Gulf War veterans.

About 30% of veterinarians nationwide (and 41% of those who have served since September 11, 2001) either have physical disabilities related to their tour of duty or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. The difficulty of adjusting to civilian life, an uncertain labor market in the era of the pandemic and the way each state taxes military benefits are other factors that affect them.

To determine which states offer the best and worst benefits for veterans, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the Best and Worst States for Veterans article from financial comparison site MagnifyMoney. States were ranked based on veteran population, quality and quantity of veterans centers, and economics of veterans.

Based on these criteria, the state with the worst veteran benefits is New Jersey, which scored 22.8 / 100. The best state obtained a score of 67.9 / 100, significantly higher. Only 5.7% of the state’s adult population are veterans, the second lowest percentage of any state, and that is expected to drop further. (Find out if any of the cities in New Jersey are on the list of 25 U.S. Military Cities.)

The state, however, has 16.9 veterans’ centers per 100,000 VA registrants – the 20th lowest ratio. The median range of property taxes for New Jersey veterans is among the highest, from $ 7,000 to $ 7,999.

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