The municipal council of Tulsa OK for the resolution to welcome Afghan refugees | Local News


“Any human being could be in the situation they are in now,” she said. “Heaven is helping us that we might not be, but if we are, I hope kind people like Tulsans will be there to save and welcome us.”

Several Tulsans also expressed support for the resolution before the council voted on it.

Craig Bryant, a retired State Department foreign service officer who worked in Afghanistan in 2007, said Afghans in the area where he worked were warm and welcoming to his team members. He said he was proud to urge the council to give Afghans the same welcome treatment as he and his team.

“Tulsa has a very commendable reputation as an open and welcoming city for refugees,” said Bryant. “It follows that tradition. “

Josh Starks, a former army company commander who served in Afghanistan in 2011 and 2012, said he worked alongside the Afghans and saw many give their lives to support the mission.

“A lot of them have sacrificed more than you can imagine,” Starks said. “Their families have been damaged time and time again because of their work with us, the American forces. “

Starks said he hopes refugees from Afghanistan can be welcomed and integrated into the Tulsa community.

A number of local and local organizations have already started supporting Afghan refugees upon their arrival in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

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