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They say you have to be crazy to go into business during a pandemic. That’s exactly what Chad Selman, owner of Selman Farms in Skiatook, did when he met his longtime friend Annette Riherd, ecommerce and digital marketing strategist at Tulsa World Media Company.

What started when two friends got together over lunch has turned into an exciting new business opportunity. This new online business aims nationwide and has become the Selman Nut Company.

“Chad explained to me that he wanted to offer pecans beyond Skiatook, beyond Oklahoma and even beyond the regional distribution network he had established. I just told him that our team could put together a great website and all the tools needed to do business there, ”said Riherd. “He jumped in and we ran away. “

With an entrepreneurial background herself, Riherd worked with the team at Tulsa World Media Company’s leading full-service digital agency Google Partner – Amplified Digital – to identify next steps. “It’s about knowing your client’s business and working with your client to develop the right strategy to achieve their goals,” she said. “We immediately started working on his website as it is his storefront and where customers will learn more about him and what the pecan business has to offer.”

Starting in two different directions, one in wholesale and the other in retail, the duo created a plan for both, Riherd said.

“One day we were joking about how we make the perfect team,” she said. “He knows what he wants to accomplish and I am able to guide him on how best to achieve those results. It saves him money because he doesn’t waste it on trial and error.

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Annette Riherd, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Strategist at Tulsa World Media Company

With transparency, strategy, creativity and boldness as core values, the local and national market development team knows the importance of understanding the digital landscape as it continues to change. Staying on top of the trends and strengths that will shape the business going forward allows the team to act quickly to prepare for the future.

“I grew up in the pecan business,” Selman said. “Getting the new website and all the moving parts that grow into it in place has been critical to the success of Selman Nut Company. I have the team, but especially Annette, to thank.

Between staying on top of new digital trends and constantly keeping an eye on what’s working for the client’s brand, digital marketing can be difficult for anyone to follow, let alone busy business owners. A good digital partner can strategize, manage projects, and interpret data to make sure the customer’s digital efforts are working.

“Together, let’s do business!” Riherd said.

For more information visit amplifydigitalmarketing.com or call 918-694-3490.

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