Spencer Rattler announces plans to leave Oklahoma and play for South Carolina

Spencer Rattler announces plans to leave Oklahoma and play for South Carolina

“Rattler? I barely knew her. You have to laugh through the tears – of course the only people crying right now are probably the folks at that Dodge dealership in Norman, Oklahoma who gave the new South Carolina quarterback a 2021 Dodge Ram TRX and a 2021 Dodge Charger supplemented with the Scat Pack this season.

Because he drives his new rides in South Carolina!

Long before Lincoln Riley packed his bags and left the Prairie Dust Bowl for Los Angeles, Rattler was set to date the Sooners. We tried to isolate the exact time and with the help of scientists from BCSNN and over $ 36,400 in research funding (thank you, great government!), we think he made the decision to leave… the second he was placed against Texas and Caleb Williams had lunch on National TV. See? Worth every penny, taxpayers.

The good news for everyone involved except the Dodge dealer is that Spencer will be getting a fresh start, Oklahoma has an extra scholarship (because that counts for OU: /) and Caleb Williams will get a new backup.

Rattler, the No.1 quarterback in the class of 2019, had a respectable 2020 season, throwing 28 touchdowns with seven interceptions. After watching Caleb Williams in action this season, Rattler probably has an even better grasp of the game, securing Shane Beamer a chance to win as much as… who knows, 7 or 8 games. I know. I know. It’s crazy talk, but I’m optimistic.

South Carolina and Spencer Rattler start 2022 against the Georgia State Panthers on September 3. Before that, fans looking to see the Gamecocks in action can check out the 2021 Duke’s Mayo Bowl on December 30.

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