Scott Brooks will make a great senior assistant


The Portland Trail Blazers announced on July 9 that they were finalizing a deal with former Oklahoma City Thunder and Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks to join the staff as Chauncey’s senior assistant. Billups.

The NBA community is mixed in its way of seeing the coach. Looking at his resume, with several back-to-back playoff appearances and a trip to the Finals, his experience and success as a head coach surpasses almost any other assistant in the league. However, some pundits will hold his title lack with a Thunder squad made up of three future MVPs in Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden against him.

It was believed that the Blazers would try to surround their new rookie head coach with former players to provide him with support in areas that require experience to master; these techniques include player relations, time management and media relations.

Scott Brooks will be a great base for Portland Trail Blazers coach Chauncey Billups to lean on

Brooks ticks all of these boxes as a primary assistant. Although he has been criticized for his lack of creativity in offensive design and his reluctance to change his rotations, Billups will be tasked with making those final calls, while Brooks will be able to handle the more basic training duties.

Former NBA player Roy Rogers will join Brooks on assistant staff. Rogers has a long career on the sidelines as an assistant and former scout. He has played college, NBA and professional football abroad. It will be interesting to see how GM Neil Olshey and Chauncey Billups round out the rest of the coaching staff.

The most important piece has already been decided with Brooks dubbed Billups’ right-hand man. Here’s why hiring is a great initiative for the Portland Trail Blazers:

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