Proposed budget to add 123 employees in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After a dramatic increase in revenue, Oklahoma City city leaders have announced they will reinvest those funds in the community.

The Oklahoma City Council has received the city manager’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2023, which begins July 1.

“Federal government stimulus and a vibrant local economy have produced remarkable sales tax growth this year,” City Manager Craig Freeman said. “This has resulted in significant revenue growth for fiscal 2022 and gives us a solid foundation as we look to the new fiscal year.”

The total fiscal year budget is approximately $1.8 billion, which is $141.6 million more than the 2022 budget.

The increase in the budget allows several municipal services to hire for additional positions:

Oklahoma City Police Department

  • 8 civilian positions for accident investigation
  • 5,911 dispatchers
  • 2 senior crime scene investigators
  • 2 senior crime analysts
  • 2 emergency management stations
  • 2 grant-funded community relations coordinators
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Licensed Professional Advisor
  • Chaplain
  • FACT Program Coordinator

Officials say the increase will also fully fund the equipment replacement at $25.8 million.

Oklahoma City Public Works

  • 4 pothole repair stations
  • 8 positions in various sections.

Officials say the ministry will contract out repairs to utility cuts, which will cut 28 jobs. However, they say these employees will fill vacancies within the ministry.

Development services

  • 4 positions in animal welfare
  • 3 positions in the development center.


  • Coordination position for grant applications under the Infrastructure Act
  • Global planning item.

Public transport and parking

  • 3 positions funded by the City
  • 24 COTPA funded positions for Bus Rapid Transit
  • 5 positions for parking control
  • Network administrator.


  • 12 customer service positions
  • 2 garbage collector stations
  • 10 positions in different divisions.

Parks and recreation

  • 2 irrigation technician positions.

City Manager’s Office

  • 1 inclusion and diversity position
  • 1 special event permit station
  • 1 marketing coordinator
  • 1 accountant in MAPS
  • Special projects manager.

General services

  • 7 positions for a fire station renovation team
  • Fleet services editor
  • building maintenance mechanic

Computer science

  • 3 utility-funded positions to support their systems
  • 2 security posts
  • Inventory Technician.

Other departments

  • 3 accounting stations
  • Audit manager
  • Social and employee relations manager
  • Economic Development Lawyer
  • Litigation lawyer
  • 2 quality control coordinators.

The budget includes funding for 4,989 full-time positions, an increase of 123 positions.

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