Pothole problems plague Piedmont sidewalks


PIEDMONT, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Residents of an Oklahoma community are unhappy with a pothole problem next to their neighborhood and all along the road.

Around Ash and Sara roads, locals said potholes had grown too numerous and were begging for something to be done.

In the area, vehicles can be seen sneaking through them and even driving through ditches to get around them.

A grader from the town of Piedmont came to the area to repair them Monday afternoon. However, there is still a long stretch of road in this area where it is difficult.

“It’s boring, it’s frustrating,” said Carole Turner, a resident near the potholes.

“The town of Piedmont just raised its hand to fix the roads,” said Jay Bunce, another neighbor near the potholes.

Bunce and Turner have both lived in this area for over a decade. They both said the holes in the ground hadn’t changed.

“Today the paved roads are rougher than the red dirt roads that I remember as a kid,” Bunce said.

The city of Piedmont told KFOR by telephone on Monday afternoon that it had no comment because the city manager was not available.

Meanwhile, the vehicles were trying to find a way around them, as was Carole Turner who said she had been doing the same for 17 years.

“Every day it’s a constant redesign of the road to avoid potholes,” Turner said.

One of them was almost 6 feet long and about 4 inches deep.

Shortly after KFOR arrived in the area, a grader from the city of Piedmont began tearing down the road and repairing it.

However, concern is still mounting for other areas beyond that. Residents like Bunce said it never seemed to end.

“It’s just lunar craters, pools, whatever you want to call them, people’s vehicles are ripped apart,” he said.

On local Facebook pages, some people complained about damage to their vehicles. Bunce also expressed concerns for safety.

“As if an ambulance, fire trucks were to take these roads, they are going to be damaged,” he said.

Bunce and Turner both said, along with their other neighbors, that they hoped for a solution soon.

“There are a lot of other roads in Piedmont which are also terrible,” Turner said.

“You would think that managing the roads would be a top priority if you want to develop your city, your community,” Bunce said.

Turner said she and other neighbors had emailed complaints to the city. However, she said potholes continue to be a problem.

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