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The Payne County Budget Board – a body made up of elected county officials who make budget decisions involving the county’s general fund – has approved an amended budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. At a special meeting held on Oct. 20, the budget board also approved a salary increase of about $ 482 per month for county officials.

The calculation was made by County Clerk Glenna Craig according to a complicated formula adopted by the Oklahoma Legislature that is based on the county population as per the federal census and the county assessment for taxable property.

The population of Payne County is listed at 78,723 and the property valuation is $ 945.8 million.

The first deputies of the county officers receive 90% of their county officer’s salary, so they will also receive a salary increase, as will several assistants in the Payne County Sheriff’s Office who receive a percentage of the sheriff’s salary.

The budget board declined to approve a pay rise for other county employees, citing a 5% increase in the cost of employee benefits, including health, dental, eye and life insurance.

Craig noted that the salary formula required county officers to take a pay cut two years ago.

The general fund budget approved on October 20 is $ 20.7 million, including expected ad valorem tax revenue of $ 9.5 million, miscellaneous charges of $ 1.6 million and a carry-over of the previous year by $ 9.7 million. This budget amends a preliminary budget approved on June 2 that also includes $ 6.2 million for the County Health Fund.

Other special revenue funds, including sales tax proceeds, are expected to total approximately $ 42.624 million in fiscal year 2021-22.

The entire amended budget is available for public inspection on the website maintained by County Clerk Glenna Craig under Financial Reports.

Ad valorem tax revenue is based on the value of real and personal property in Payne County, which is estimated to be nearly $ 1 billion.

The total personal property tax assessment of $ 267 million includes oil stored in the Cushing tank farms – about 40% of total personal property taxes assessed – according to county assessor James Cowan’s estimates. Other sources include properties owned by manufacturing companies.

The budget council held another special meeting on Monday to approve payment of an invoice from AT&T for the installation of a fiber optic line at the emergency management command center near Glencoe. The invoice for approximately $ 14,000 was received after the last fiscal year when funds were set aside for payment. The budget board approved payment from the proceeds of a three-eighths-of-a-cent sales tax that expires December 31, 2023.

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