Oklahoma Voters Want School Freedom

The evidence continues to mount: Oklahoma voters want academic freedom.

Consider these recent survey results from WPA Intelligence. Respondents were asked:

  • “Freedom of education gives parents the right to use taxpayers’ money allocated for their child’s education to send their child to the public or private school which they believe best meets their needs. needs. In general, would you say that you support or oppose the concept of academic freedom? »

As you can see, support is overwhelming among likely voters in Oklahoma (74% vs. 18%). Support is even stronger among Republican primary voters (82% to 10%).

Voter Graphics2

Respondents were also asked:

  • “If your senator or state representative supported academic freedom, the concept we just asked about, would you be more or less likely to vote to re-elect them? »

Likely voters, by a margin of 60% to 20%, would be more likely to re-elect a pro-freedom lawmaker. Among Republican primary voters, the margin is 72% to 9%.

Voter Graphics3

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Notes on methodology: WPA Intelligence selected a random sample of registered voters from the Oklahoma voter roll using registration-based sampling (RBS). The survey sample was stratified by geography, age, gender, partisanship and ethnicity, which allowed WPAi to avoid the post-survey “weighting” that may reduce the reliability of survey results. Respondents were contacted by telephone via a live interview with a telephone operator from October 31 to November 3, 2021. The study has a sample size of n=500 likely voters with a margin of error of ±4.4% in 95 out of 100 cases. The oversample of Republican primary voters has a sample size of n=300 with a margin of error of ±5.7% in 95 out of 100 cases.​

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