Oklahoma State University warns students of possible AirTag tracking

STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – Oklahoma State University (OSU) campus police say two students reported receiving suspicious notifications on their phones about nearby Apple AirTags.

The problem: These two students do not have AirTags.

This led students and police to believe that someone could potentially track their whereabouts.

Police said no AirTags were ever found with the students, but it prompted them to issue a warning to faculty and students.

“Our best bet is simply to educate our community to try to be proactive in providing the information, letting students and employees on campus know that they can take action such as disabling their location services on their phones, downloading apps if you have an Android phone,” said Kyle McCool, investigations sergeant at Oklahoma State University.

On the university’s Department of Public Safety website, they have tips on how to avoid being tracked or what to do if you find a device.

The measures taken by the campus police are strictly preventive. Students and staff always appreciate the efforts made to ensure their safety.

“It’s a small thing, but knowing that they are aware of threats and potential threats and are watching everyone,” said Laleh Tahsini, a chemistry teacher.

Perna Ghosh is a graduate student on campus and feels safe there.

“Whenever things are reported, I feel like the right steps are being taken,” Ghosh said.

McCool said he wants this situation to be an example to incoming freshmen that it’s a good idea to go to campus police if there’s a suspicious activity issue.

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