Oklahoma man upset he had to pay for demolition service after car theft


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City man said his car was stolen over the weekend at Penn Square shopping center. The police found him not too far from where he had left him, but getting him home wasn’t that easy.

“I knew someone took it because I knew where it was parked,” said Marvin Slutzky, who says his car was stolen at Penn Square Mall.

Slutzky says he visited Penn Square Mall last Saturday, only to pick up a package from a store and when he returned to his parking spot, his Toyota Camry was not there.

After 30 minutes of walking and searching with mall security, he called the police.

Tuesday night he got the call.

He says his car has always been found at the mall, but in a different lot.

“She said, ‘If you don’t come here within an hour, and by then it was 12:30 p.m., we’ll have to tow it,'” Slutzky said.

But Slutzky didn’t have anyone to call that late at night to pick him up.

The next day he drove to the tow truck he was being towed to, not expecting to have to take out his wallet.

“I had to pay $ 237 to get my car out,” Slutzky explains. “I said, ‘this is ridiculous.’ I’m getting my car stolen and the state and the city are going to take my car hostage and they won’t give it to me until I pay for it. It’s ridiculous.”

But KFOR found out, in this case, that it is state law. Even if you are technically the victim of the crime.

“Whenever we help law enforcement, in Title 47 we are allowed to collect all legal costs from the owner, agent, credit holder who wants to recover the car or the insurer accepting responsibility for the loss or purchase of the vehicle as a loss, ”said Chris Puckett, former president of the Oklahoma Wrecker Owners Association. “The owner, who is a victim of a crime but also at the same time anyone can be a victim of any crime. Let’s say you’ve been assaulted or hit and run and injured, you still have to pay the hospital and doctors. The same works for wreckers.

We also contacted the Commission of the company for further explanation. We were told for non-consensual tows – meaning you haven’t contacted the towing service yourself – then there are rates set under the law.

But in Marvin’s case, he feels like it’s wrong to be billed the costs as a victim.

“I think the law should be changed. If you have your car stolen, you have no control over it. But having to pay to get it back from the city police, ”Slutzky said. “I think a person should be able to take this to court and win this.”

The Corporations Commission says that if you feel like you’ve been overcharged, you can ask them to review your case.

You can reach them by dialing 405-521-2211.

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