Oklahoma City’s unemployment at the lowest in the country



OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Authorities say Oklahoma City now has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States.

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt on Wednesday said the city’s current unemployment rate was 2.6%, the lowest since December 2019.

Between 2001 and today, Oklahoma City‘s unemployment rate has fallen below 2.6% only twice, both in 2019.

“It really is the lowest rate we’ve had in the last two decades, but more importantly, right now we’re doing better than literally any other city in the United States. Number one low unemployment, that is an incredible accomplishment. I mean, there is always more to do. We are always looking to create quality jobs, better paying jobs. We always strive to ensure that our residents are never underemployed, but the baseline is that everyone has a job. It’s pretty close to where we are now. We’re really at almost full employment in the city, ”said Holt.

Holt says the investments the city has made over the past 30 years have paid off and brought a range of businesses to the city.

“I don’t think it’s an overnight thing. The most important thing is probably the diversification of our economy. You know, we’re not over the line on any one industry like we were in the 1980s. Some might tell you it’s not been a good year for the oil and gas industry over the years. the last 18 months, but nonetheless we have the lowest unemployment rate in the country, ”he said.

When asked why many subway restaurants are currently understaffed, Holt replies that this is a common problem in cities with low unemployment rates.

“When everyone already has a job, employers are challenged to find new employees. People from other places should migrate to cities like this knowing that jobs are more available here, ”Holt wrote on Facebook.


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