Oklahoma City Metro High School coaches and coaches work together to keep players safe in the summer heat

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Oklahoma City metro high school football coaches and coaches are finding ways to keep their players cool on hot summer days.

At NW Classen, Casey Seitz is the athletic trainer and watches football practice every day.

He said there were several ways to prevent children from overheating.

“We have a fan to blow cool water to them. We have a water tank with the little water hoses they use,” Seitz said. “I have ice towels which I will put on the back of my neck, then if necessary, in an emergency, we have an ice bath so that we can soak a child, keep them cold.”

Before each practice, Seitz reads the wet bulb temperature to determine how much humidity the players will face. With more humidity, the harder a player will have to work to stay hydrated.

There are levels of practice depending on the wet bulb temperature readings.

“It will show us a wet globe at 92 degrees. It’s our complete cut – nothing outside,” Seitz said, referring to what it will take to call off a practice.

These readings are always consistent with normal outside temperature.

Marshall Hahn, Yukon High School’s head football coach, said he talks to his coach before every practice.

“You have to be flexible and you have to have those contingency plans,” Hahn said.

For such a hot summer as Oklahoma has had this year, KFOR meteorologist Mike Morgan said cooler temperatures were expected.

“Longer range models hint at a definite shift in weather patterns. Around August 17, 18 and beyond – better rain opportunities and easier return in the heat,” Morgan said.

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