Oklahoma City Firefighters Explain Why They Run Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s race weekend here in Oklahoma City. This year, we’re hosting a two-day event to commemorate the 168 Oklahomans lost in the 1995 bombing.

For many years now, people from here and elsewhere have put on their sneakers to participate in the commemorative marathon.

Our first responders were also involved, including retired OKCFD Battalion Operations Chief Larry Hansen and current OKCFD Firefighter Eric Jamison.

Hansen remembers what the destruction in downtown Oklahoma City looked like in 1995.

He had been working with the OKCFD for seven years when the bombing shook the city at his heart.

“We didn’t know exactly what happened at the time other than a major explosion,” Hansen said.

Jamison was just a teenager when chaos ensued.

“I was in my last year in high school and I was with my mom and we were going downtown to help get my prom tuxedo,” Jamison said.

Now, decades later, the bombing brought the two together, working towards the same goal. Everyone will participate in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon – run half.

“Not only is it important to remember our history and what happened here in 1995, but also to show our new firefighters the community support, not only local, but national, that we received in 1995″ , said Hansen.

Hansen and Jamison will be two of the thousands to take the plunge this weekend, running to remember.

“Before the start of the race I like to stop at the memorial and spend a minute or two thinking and thinking, and so when the race gets tough or the going gets tough I can always look back and think to those we have lost and those who have survived too, ”said Jamison.

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