Oklahoma City Fire Department clears way for new fire station in southwest OKC


Oklahoma City residents who live on the edge of the city limits in the far southwest will soon have their own fire halls.

The land southwest of 59th near Cimarron Road will house the 38th Oklahoma City Fire Station.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department said it relies on surrounding towns to help serve communities in that area.

“We are seeing an influx of housing there, we anticipate business growth and as a fire department we have an obligation to grow as the city grows,” Battalion Commander Benny said. Fulkerson.

Right now, firefighters from nearby towns like Mustang are helping Oklahoma City in the area.

“We actually have auto aid agreements with Mustang and Yukon partner cities that automatically answer with us when we have certain calls,” Fulkerson said.

The new station will make it easier for OKCFD to answer calls in a timely manner. Fulkerson said they aim to reach 70% of their calls within seven minutes of sending them.

“It’s going to make a real difference for people and expect this delivery of emergency services,” he said.

Station 38 will have state-of-the-art equipment and 21 firefighters.

“It will be a three bay fire station. It will house a fire engine, a brush pump at first and we will probably add a water tanker to help with the water supply in an area like this which does not have a lot of standpipes ”, Fulkerson said.

In addition to safety, he said homeowners can expect another benefit of living near a fire station.

“It will also help with insurance rates, people who have a fire station closer to them, it will usually help with their insurance rates as well,” Fulkerson said.

The $ 3.9 million project is expected to be completed next April.

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