NBA Draft Tracker: Thundering Reports and Rumors

May 24: Should Chet Holmgren land with Thunder?

At this point in the pre-draft process, it looks like the prospect most likely to be taken at No. 2 by Oklahoma City is Chet Holmgren. Plus, league teams are starting to believe it more. Even Holmgren would like the idea of ​​landing with the Thunder in the next draft, says ESPN’s Jonathan Givony.

“Most NBA teams firmly believe this is a formality and that Smith is almost guaranteed to become the No. 1 pick. Smith, for his part, seems pleased with this development,” Givony said. “The same goes for Holmgren about his impending marriage to the Oklahoma City Thunder, which is also the overwhelming expectation of NBA executives we spoke with during the draft.”

May 23: Has Caleb Houston received a draft promise from Thunder?

Every season there are a few players who could probably go back to school for another year and be taken higher in the next draft. Such is the case with Caleb Houstan, who entered his first season as a potential lottery pick but had a disappointing college season at Michigan.

Either way, he entered the draft and looks like he’s here to stay. John Hollinger and Sam Vecenie of The Athletic noted this week that Houstan may have a draft Thunder promise, which is why he remains in the draft instead of returning to college for another year.

“Oklahoma City’s pick at No. 30 was the subject of further speculation. Michigan forward Caleb Houstan was notably absent from the proceedings this week, with many league insiders suspecting he had promise. of a team in exchange for stopping its draft process,” said L’Athlétisme. “Suspicion immediately fell on the Thunder, given their surplus of picks and long history of being drafted in April.”

May 23: Oklahoma City is a candidate to advance to the draft

Dyson Daniels, 2022 NBA Draft

Even outside of their No. 2 pick, the Thunder have three additional top-34 selections in the June draft. As such, they are a prime player in consolidating these assets and moving towards a prospect they love. John Hollinger and Sam Vecenie of The Athletic noted Oklahoma City as one of several clubs to watch.

“Other teams with multiple picks should try to move up the draft, which could make trading profitable for late lottery picks and teenagers,” The Athletic said. “Oklahoma City, for example, has picks at No. 1. 12 and No. 30 and an overabundance of future picks to sweeten a deal; using them to go up and grab a targeted player seems like a no-brainer. Among other multi-team -first round to watch include San Antonio (Nos 9, 20 and 25), Charlotte (Nos 13 and 15) and Memphis (Nos 22 and 29) San Antonio, in particular, had a sea of ​​staff at the combine that carefully watched the proceedings.

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May 23: Orlando Magic leaning Chet Holmgren to No. 1?

Chet Holmgren

Although neither team has solidified their board at this point in the pre-draft process, Jabari Smith seemed like the consensus #1 pick to many. However, John Hollinger and Sam Vecenie of The Athletic reported that the Magic could lean toward Chet Holmgren. Is this a game of leverage, or is Holmgren really considered first place for Orlando?

“Lottery-winning Orlando could throw a wrench on draft night. While most draft analysts have rated Jabari Smith Jr. as the top prospect, John Hollinger Spies believes the Magic are leaning towards selecting Chet Holmgren,” The Athletic said. “Of course it would play for their type. The track record of this front office reveals an obsession with length, so one can easily connect the dots there. On the other hand, some league insiders immediately guessed at this first instinct. Are the Magic simply playing on their length-based reputation to entice Oklahoma City to move up from No. 2? Let the smoke signal game begin.

Jaden Ivey, 2022 NBA Draft

On podcast with The undisputed, Derek Murray of Babcock Hoops mentioned that many in the league really think Ivey is at the top end of this class and the Thunder are interested.

“There’s a case for a four-man race,” Murray said. “There’s not a big three, there’s a big four. It’s Jaden Ivey. There have been ties with the Thunder and Ivey, going up, down and pick two. According to what I have been told, these are real and meaningful. The smoke is real.

May 20: Thunder interested in Jaden Ivey

Jaden Ivey

Although Oklahoma City has the No. 2 pick in what is considered a top three-man draft, Jaden Ivey is a name the Thunder have been connected to. According to Krysten Peek of Yahoo Sportsthere are four prospects in the top tier of this class, adding Ivey to the mix along with Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren and Paolo Banchero.

“There are basically four players in play for the Thunder’s second pick: Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero and Jaden Ivey,” Peek said. “Smith and Holmgren are the favorites to continue and two, but there were some rumblings this week at the Chicago combine draft that the Thunder really like Ivey and he could be Ja Morant 2.0.

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