Metro Tech paves the way for the Academy of Public Security

Construction of a new public security training center for high school students in the metro began on Wednesday. Metro Tech executives along with Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County officials kicked off the project on the South Bryant campus.

Oklahoma City voters approved a bond issue to pay Metro Tech’s Public Safety Academy. The academy will train students for law enforcement, first responders, and careers in 911 communication.

Metro Tech management envisioned the training center near SE 44th and Bryant Avenue several years ago. The current field of land will be transformed into what the school principal has called “a city within a city”.

“Today wouldn’t be possible without our community saying it’s important,” said Aaron Collins, superintendent of Metro Tech.

Part of an $ 80 million bond will fund the construction of the Public Security Academy and a shooting range that is currently under construction. The school will house classes where metro students can become certified to pursue jobs in the community.

“I think it will be a very good opportunity for them to teach and prepare them more for this job,” said Dalila Pando, student at Metro Tech.

Police officers in Pando and Oklahoma City couldn’t celebrate the day without remembering Master Sgt. Thomas Daugherty. The late officer helped form the partnership with Metro Tech and mentored many prospective law enforcement students.

“He would be really excited for this new building and to teach us everything he has learned,” said Pando. “And to show us a better way in life.”

Metro Tech has also partnered with Oklahoma County Law Enforcement, Oklahoma City Fire Department, EMSA, and the Oklahoma 911 Management Authority to provide training for students.

“We want to be here to help create that career for them, to create that opportunity for them,” said David Holt, Mayor of Oklahoma City. “They will obviously benefit from it, but so will we because it is a career in public service.”

The academy is expected to open in 2023.

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