Mayor of Lawton delivers state of the city speech


LAWTON, Oklahoma (KSWO) – Lawton Mayor Stan Booker delivered the state of the city address at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

He highlighted the city’s achievements, from signing a four-year contract with the police union to improving infrastructure.

“We are no longer helpless in a rapidly changing world,” Booker said. “We are in competition. We win. Doing nothing has never been an option. We see the big picture and are leveraging everything at our disposal to create opportunities at Lawton-Fort Sill.

Booker noted that staff were cleaning up the town, with around 200 houses on the dilapidated list and 50 that were demolished.

“In addition to beautifying our city and creating opportunities for new developments, this project will have a positive feedback on crime prevention,” said Booker, “So much progress has been made in the face of adversity, and yet there is so much to look forward to.

He repeatedly mentioned infrastructure, especially the streets.

Currently, the city is working on 12 residential street projects and plans to start 16 more over the next year.

“You can see the intersection painting projects happening all over town,” Booker said. “Necessary road repairs that were previously postponed are now dealt with, like much-needed repairs on Cache Road. Our community is making positive progress in modernizing our infrastructure.

With the FISTA Innovation Park and the Lawton Economic Development Corporation creating well-paying jobs, he believes Lawton is becoming more and more attractive to young people.

“As we create jobs, we increase our income,” Booker said. “Money to invest in our community. We improve our quality of life and our infrastructure as we create jobs. We have demonstrated our commitment to growth by passing the TIFF and CIP, which means our dreams are resources.

He also said an indoor sports complex would make Lawton a destination for Oklahoma families.

Next month, Mayor Booker will face two opponents in the Lawton municipal election.

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