Logan County DA seeks bail on Oklahoma murder suspect accused of killing employee

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma (KFOR) – The Logan County district attorney is asking a judge to revoke the bail of a former Guthrie city councilor, who is charged with the gunshot murder of his employee.

Daniel Triplett is accused of shooting Brent Mack and then burying his body under a septic tank they were installing.

Mack was found buried under the septic tank on October 22.

Surveillance footage showed both Triplett and Mack visiting the job site last September, but only Triplett left the scene.

On October 25, Triplett was charged with first degree murder and desecration of a human corpse.

He was released after receiving $ 500,000 bail on December 7.

“Everyone has the right to a bail hearing, regardless of what they are accused of,” said attorney Ed Blau. “And in this particular case, I understand the judge heard evidence and the judge, based on all of the circumstances, made his decision.”

Lawyer Blau is unrelated to Triplett’s case, but offers his expert advice on the terms and conditions of the bonds.

Triplett was only allowed to leave his home to seek medical treatment, see his lawyer or attend court appointments.

However, Logan Co. District Attorney Laura Austin Thomas claims Triplett violated the terms of his bail.

According to court documents, Triplett visited an Oklahoma City Waffle House on December 15, a convenience store and Guthrie bank on January 4.

One of the bank employees called the police when they spotted him.

Court documents also revealed that Triplett’s movements were being tracked by a GPS monitoring device.

Cleveland County Forensic Services, which monitor the ankle device, emailed Guthrie Police Lt. Mark Bruning, who is also the lead investigator in the case, an email about the movements by Triplett. This was in response to Lieutenant Bruning’s request.

The email says, in part, “He (Triplett) was told he was only due to go to approved appointments. I just told him about the bank stop on the way home. of his (attorney’s) meeting. He knows that his judgment is being reported to the prosecutor and that he is in breach of his obligation. I told him to contact his lawyer immediately.

“You know, for him to be somewhere where he wasn’t meant to be, that shows a pretty blatant disregard for the judge’s order,” Blau said. “And I don’t expect the judge to defend him. Judges are very harsh when an accused disobeys their order as to what they have authorized to do in this particular case.

According to court documents, DA Thomas wants his bail revoked due to his “risk to the community and his intentional violations of court orders.”

Triplett is expected to be back in court on Friday January 14 before the judge who granted Triplett bail.

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