Letter: Stitt’s substitute teacher plans scheme to harm state agencies | Letters to the Editor

Plus, the beauty of snow days, the epic schools problem, the student debt crisis, and more.

A recent letter to the editor suggested that people “give[stateemployeesachancetoactasteachers)”TheideaisaploybyGovernorKevinStitttofurtherhisgoalofcripplingstateagenciesthatRepublicansdon’tlike

Republicans have always wanted to cripple the government. They call it “small government,” which to Stitt is a euphemism for marginalizing agencies he sees as a threat to Republican business interests.

When agencies fall even further behind in their work due to absent employees, the next thing we’ll hear from Stitt is that agencies aren’t working, so let’s limit their responsibilities or get rid of them.

The agencies Stitt will want to cut as a result of this policy are agencies Republicans want to cripple: the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (you want clean air and water? You just lost); the Oklahoma Tax Commission (Want a fair collection of taxes? You just lost again); consumer protection; the Ministry of Education; the Department of Health; And the list continues.

Finally, this policy will distract from the fundamental problem facing Oklahoma – a broken public education system. Sending unqualified people without teaching credentials or background checks to schools will create more problems than it solves. This policy will harm vital organisms and will not help education.

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