Lankford and Marshall fight to protect small power producers | Business and Energy

Washington, DC – Senators James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, and Roger Marshall, MD, R-Kansas, led a group of colleagues in introducing the Marginal Well Protection Act to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) charge excessive methane emissions charges for wells that produce less than 15 barrels of oil and less than 90 MMcf (90,000 cubic feet) of natural gas per day. Marginal wells are small, often family-owned, wells with about 15 or fewer employees. Marginal wells produce nearly 7.5 percent of the entire United States oil supply. Senators Ted Cruz R-Texas, Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, Steve Daines, R-Montana and Jim Inhofe, R-Oklahoma joined Lankford and Marshall in introducing the bill.

“Biden has made it clear that he wants to get rid of high paying energy jobs to force his radical climate change agenda,” Lankford said, in a press release provided to news outlets including The Oklahoma City Sentinel.

“Many Oklahoma residents are involved in small-scale oil and gas production that Democrats in Congress are proposing to punish with a job-killing methane fine. My colleagues and I want to make sure that we protect our US energy independence, especially small oil and gas operations, against crushing methane royalties. If the Biden administration is successful in killing small oil and gas producers, our country will have to buy more oil and gas from abroad to meet our domestic energy needs. An American president should prefer American jobs. Sadly, this president would rather we beg for more oil from OPEC and Russia than to unleash US energy production. “

“Thousands of Kansans depend on our oil and gas industry to support their families, and small producers simply cannot afford the financial burden that comes with excess emission costs,” Marshall said. “I am proud to lead this legislation that protects small marginal sinks from the Democrats’ war on the US oil and gas industry, and I will continue to fight to restore our country’s energy independence despite President Biden’s disastrous policies. . “

“As Americans suffer from high prices due to President Biden’s anti-fossil policies and the inflation crisis, the administration’s efforts to implement more inefficient and unnecessary regulatory burdens will only cripple Texas marginal wells, which are often small operations, that produce the clean, reliable power America needs. I am proud to join Senator Marshall on this legislation to help lower energy costs by reducing bureaucracy and freeing the thriving oil and gas industry from the Lone Star State, ”said Cruz.

“On day one, President Biden declared war on Made in Montana energy, and now Montana small businesses and families are paying the price. This bill protects Montana’s small oil and gas companies from heavy fees and reports and supports Montana jobs and communities. I will continue to fight Biden’s anti-energy policies and fight for Montana energy, ”Daines said.

“Rather than trying to increase energy production here in the United States and fight rising energy prices, the Biden administration is obsessed with limiting domestic production of oil and gas “said Moran. “This legislation will protect small wells, which often belong to families, from excessive and punitive charges – protecting Kansas producers and helping the United States be more energy independent.” “

“Fringe wells make up the overwhelming majority of Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas wells. These producers are essential to our economy and to the continued well-being and financial security of so many families and businesses. The owners of marginal wells are often small family businesses that shouldn’t be hit with high and unprecedented “fees”, which are in effect new taxes on oil and gas. However, that is exactly what the Biden administration and Democrats are planning to do – impose hefty royalties on methane emissions that would be detrimental to countless American companies. This is why I introduced the law on the protection of marginal wells alongside Senator Marshall, which would prevent the entry into force of this significant tax increase on the vast majority of oil and gas producers, ”he said. declared Inhofe.

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