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City of Marlow Director Jason McPherson has been elected to the Board of Directors of the American Public Power Association (APPA).

The APPA is a national organization, representing more than 2,000 electric utilities in the United States. They advocate and advise on electricity policy, technology, trends, training and operations.

McPherson is the first representative among 42 members of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority to serve on the APPA board of directors. Those elected to the board of directors are eligible for three-year terms.

McPherson has also served on the OMPA Board of Directors since 2016. He has been active in the industry since, presenting at conferences and webinars. He also received the price of the 7 hats of the APPA, which rewards those of the small public services which go beyond their functions.

Native son of Marlow, McPherson worked in the banking industry in his hometown, as well as as editor of The Marlow Review, before joining the city in 2012. He spent his first year as a community services coordinator, before taking up the post of municipal administrator. in 2013. He was also named Marlow Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Citizen of the Year in 2013.

McPherson was instrumental in securing funding for the Marlow substation redesign and was instrumental in installing a second backup transformer in the city’s new substation. He was also responsible for the completion of the city’s automatic metering infrastructure. He designed Marlow’s CINCH (Caring in Neighborhoods with Cooling and Heating) program, which allows taxpayers to round off their bills or donate to a private fund to help those in need pay their utility bills. from the town of Marlow.

More than 49 million customers are supplied by the utilities represented by the APPA. The organization was established in 1940 to represent the public policy interests of these customers and their communities, and seeks to provide services to members to ensure adequate and reliable electricity at a reasonable price with adequate protection of the environment. .

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