Illicit Cannabis in Oklahoma: “You Probably Don’t Even Understand the Magnitude” | Marijuana in Oklahoma

And then there is the criminal element.

To be clear, most of the people involved in Oklahoma’s new medical marijuana business are believed to be obeying the law. But some don’t.

Oklahoma residents have been joking since at least the 1970s that pot would become the state’s main cash crop, but Mark Woodward of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs said his agency was assisting. to an unprecedented level of activity involving illegal marijuana. The money trail, said Woodward, leads across the United States and into Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

“We look at several angles when it comes to people involved in the marijuana business breaking the rules,” said Woodward. “Some don’t even make an effort to try. That’s what we’ve been very, very busy with, since really last fall.

By the time the legislative session began in February, lawmakers had heard voters’ ears worry that the “Chinese” were buying all of the state’s available farmland.

“This is a huge problem for my district and something my constituents come to see me every day,” Rep. John Pfeiffer, R-Orlando, said in April.

“That’s why we’ve had multiple bills for medical marijuana,” he said. “It escaped us. “

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