Hoover Chamber names Jim Langley 2021 Freedom Prize winner


The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce on Thursday named Ross Bridge resident Jim Langley as the 2021 Freedom Prize winner.

The chamber annually presents the award to someone who is a role model in the community, who has good character and a good reputation, who has supported the patriotic ideals of the United States for a long time, and who has supported the military. American.

Langley served in the United States Army for 23 years from 1971 to 1994, on active duty in Alaska, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and Korea. He retired as a lieutenant colonel of the army reserve.

He is the editor of “The Officer,” the newsletter of the Birmingham large section of the Military Officers Association of America, and has lobbied for the rights and benefits of military retirees. He also supports and participates in Veterans Day parades and lunches, serves on the planning committee for the Veterans Day ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Park, and has helped plan and deliver patriotic programs for the Veterans. Hoover Seniors.

Langley is also helping Wreaths Across America’s effort to lay wreaths on soldiers’ graves at Montevallo National Cemetery.

He has been active in the community in other ways, including as a community leader and elder at First Christian Church of Birmingham, former Chairman of the YMCA Hargis Retreat Board of Directors, former Chairman of the Hoover New Seniors Council Horizons, current chairman of Hoover. Historical Society, director of the High Hopes Camp for Mentally Handicapped Adults for 20 years and President of the Hoover Folklore Center which teaches children and adults pioneering skills.

Langley is also an artist, author and speaker who promotes Hoover and its history in his artwork, books, historical tours, and presentations to community groups.

In his civilian career, he worked in marketing for BellSouth Communications, then worked in the non-profit sector.

Retired Air Force Brig. General Paul Pocopanni, chairman of the Hoover Veterans Committee, said it was clear to him that Langley is the type of person who puts service first.

“He gives. He gives. He gives and doesn’t ask for anything in return,” Pocopanni said. “It’s part of his DNA being in the military.”

Beverly Sublette, in a letter of appointment, said she worked with Langley for four years as vice president when he was president of the Hoover New Horizons Group from 2012 to 2015. He always started their lunch programs. with an oath of allegiance, she said.

Pam Thompson, a fellow of the Hoover Historical Society, wrote that Langley served admirably as chairman of that group, agreeing to remain a second year as chairman due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“He got through this difficult time using Zoom technology to continue the company’s business and programs,” Thompson wrote. “He demonstrates his military training through his responsibility and conscientious leadership. “

Langley told the bedroom lunch crowd at the Hoover Country Club that he was honored to receive this award and proud to be called a Patriot.

“A patriot does not fight for a particular ideology or cause. They are fighting because they are Americans and because they love their country, ”he said. “I love this country. My hope and prayer is that as this country is now very divided, we may somehow come together for the common good and forget all the feelings of hatred and anger. which we have just because of our differences. We are just one round, and what is our charge? I think he says, ‘Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.’

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