Highlights of the community development committee of the city of Ponca

The Ponca City Community Development Committee held its regular meeting on Thursday, December 16th. Brad Fox opened the meeting, after which various updates from Ponca City and Kay County were provided.

Pepper Barnes, representing Fairfield-Marriott, was in attendance at the meeting and, following the Fairfield’s renovation last year, is working to re-engage with the Chamber of Commerce and engage with the Ponca City community .

Marcus Leavell of Redlands Office Solutions announced that they will be getting a new storefront and new desks for the office.

Dawn Brakey and Ben Evans of the Pioneer Technology Center (PTC) provided an update.

In February, Joey Phelps of GSA will be teaching a public markets course at PTC.

1 Million Cups will take place on January 5th with Kelly Reddin of Inspiring Your Creativity as the speaker.

A “manager’s tool belt” will be introduced in the spring for management training.

PTC will be closed for two weeks for the holidays.

The remodel which was supposed to be completed in August will be completed in March, they are still awaiting supplies.

Maci Heppel of Ponca City Main Street provided an update.

A holiday window contest was held downtown on Main Street. There were 14 participants, Cast Iron Co. won the Judge’s Choice Award and Speak Now received the People’s Choice Award. Each winner received $ 250. MakeKings sponsored the event.

There will be a winter blues sale on January 7th and 8th, this will be the time for merchants to empty their inventory.

Eric Newell, of the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Ponca, provided an update.

Parks and Recreation are busy trimming trees in parks and working with schools on several projects. The new toilets at the Lake Ponca campsite will be installed in the spring.

At RecPlex, they will add a trampoline area in January. Added $ 30,000 in new weight training equipment.

The 101 rodeo grounds will have new aluminum bleachers.

Rick Hancock, owner of the Rusty Barrell Supper Club, said it was the busiest time of year for Rusty Barrell with them until Christmas. The Rusty Barrell offers gift cards.

Mindy Myer with AllianceHealth Ponca City, shared an update.

Myer mentioned that the committee likes and shares AllianceHealth posts on Facebook.

AllianceHealth has signed a new primary care physician who will begin next August. Myer also shared that there was a senior night swim meet at RecPlex on Thursday, December 16.

Ashley Villines of the Northern Oklahoma Humane Society (NOKHS) said she raised $ 22,000 with her “End of the Year” campaign. NOKHS hosted a holiday open house with a ribbon cutting on Friday December 17th.

NOKHS has several exciting events coming up, including an event in February called “Mut Gala,” a play on the Met Gala fashion show. The event is an “alter-ego” party and encourages dressing up in extravagant outfits, the event is scheduled for February 12 at the Marland Mansion.

With their goal of making Ponca City a death-free city by 2025, community outreach and sterilization / sterilization events are important to NOKHS.

Zach Trantham provided an update on Ponca City Tourism. All attractions in the city and downtown Ponca City currently have all of their Christmas decorations. The attractions report an increase in traffic and out-of-state visitors from Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Kansas and Minnesota.

Trantham will be in Grapevine, Texas, Jan. 7-10 for the American Bus Association market to meet tour operators and promote Ponca City.

Trantham had a state tourism meeting on Zoom and there are somewhere between 30 and 40 routes around the country that have Oklahoma on them.

The “What’s going on in the city of Ponca?” »The video has already over 6,000 views.

The festival of angels will continue until December 30 and visitponcacity. com will have information on other current and upcoming holiday events.

Rich Cantillon will be in McAllen, Texas on January 18-19 for the McAllen Winter Texas Expo. The Chamber organizes seven trade shows per year, this one being the second after Saint-Louis.

New guides and promotional materials are ready for 2022.

Ben Welch with 104.7 The Bull shared an update.

Several meetings ago, The Bull announced the purchase of KSOK from Ark City, which is almost official and is only waiting for the FCC to approve its license.

They are currently in the midst of their Santa Claus houses sponsored by Rock’n It Treasures in Ponca City with a full listing available on poncapost.com.

Lisa Breedlove of Home Sweet Home Realty explained that things are business as usual. Christmas is a busy time as they also bring a lot of “donor” items to the office.

In a previous meeting, Breedlove wanted to work with Rose Stone Inn to provide a place for people who needed it while on vacation, and they were able to fundraise to do so in just 23 hours. They not only rented the hotel, but they also have sponsors who provide food, toys and clothes for people. And everyone will have Christmas dinner as well.

United Way’s Tara Goldman explained that they are still working on their campaign and will finalize it soon.

Don Nuzum, manager of the Ponca City airport, explained that traffic was on the rise at the airport with many jets, soldiers and duck hunters.

Adam Leaming shared information on upcoming projects at public schools in Ponca City.

8% of the projects will be on books, including Lincoln Elementary bathrooms, floors and additions. Also approved for high school bathrooms, 13 bathrooms will be refreshed over the summer.

The union’s offers will be presented at the January 10 meeting for the approval of offers to replace ceiling tiles, refresh bathrooms and all flooring.

Approved the purchase of nine 74-passenger buses and two 14-passenger buses for the district.

Items yet to be approved include common high school work, the purchase of new cars and SUVs for the neighborhood, and the rental of a new warehouse space for the “treasures” they have accumulated over the years. years for one of the biggest auctions in the area.

They will replace the roofs at Union, Roosevelt, High School, and West Middle School, with some repairs to Trout over the next few months. Earthwork at Garfield will take place this spring and they will level the back play area and get new play equipment this summer.

Schools got new approval with the RecPlex for the swim team and are working on a tennis plan for the court redevelopments.

Brad Fox with Evans and Associates, provided updates on the projects.

They work in the streets and on the tennis courts of Newkirk. Sludge buffers for the Ponca City treatment plant are in progress. US 77 from Newkirk southbound to 11 will be down. Highland Bridge by 60, 13th Street in Blackwell, Dorado (a)? Foods campus, Mockingbird, part of South Ave. east of 14th., and part of Lake Road from Pecan to Ody’s will be completely redone.

PC Concrete broke a record with over 10,000 yards compared to its previous record in 2006.

Rich Cantillon gave an update on his Chamber.

The after-hours vacation activity at Marland Mansion was a success.

This year, the House gave away over $ 150,000 in Chamber Bucks. All that money is spent with House members and kept the money in Ponca City.

This year, the House is expected to hand out over a million tickets for the Santa Bucks Giveaway. The Santa Bucks Giveaway will end on Tuesday, December 21 at 7 p.m.

The Chamber celebration will take place at the RecPlex on January 27. RCB Bank will host the pre-party at the Marland Mansion, Evans and Associates will provide wine for the banquet. They will recognize Garret Bowers as Chamber President in 2021, as well as Wendy Stobbe as Chamber President 2022. They will also recognize Company of the Year, Industry of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and then Citizen. exceptional.

Ponca City calendars are available at the Chamber of Commerce for $ 10.

The next meeting will take place on January 20, 2022.

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