“He lived a life of great stature,” Oklahoma doctor killed in apparent crossbow accident


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A family and community mourn after a beloved rheumatologist was killed in a possible crossbow accident while on a bear hunting trip in Le Flore County.

“He lived a life of great stature, and the pity is that he passed away in the prime of his life,” said Dr Nyla Ali Khan. “He was my pillar of strength. “

Dr Nyla Khan said her husband Dr Muhammad Faisal Khan was a beloved husband, father, son, rheumatologist and avid hunter.

“He loved the Oklahoma hunting season,” she said. “He could indulge this passion of himself in the state.”

She said the late doctor had hunted in almost every county in Oklahoma.

Last Thursday, he went to Flore County to hunt bears with a new crossbow.

“He sent me pictures of him wearing fatigues and his face painted, preparing for the hunt,” Dr Nyla Khan said.

But 48 hours after he arrived, MPs said Dr Khan’s hunting buddies found the 52-year-old man next to his stand dead with a crossbow bolt to his leg.

“It was completely unexpected,” said the doctor’s widow. “It was the last thing I thought about.”

On Saturday afternoon, Dr Nyla Khan said police knocked on her door.

“I said ‘Is my husband okay?’ And I think he’s probably hurt, hurt, maybe missing. He said, ‘I think you have to sit down. Your husband is dead. And I thought it was like a bad movie that I was watching, ”she said.

The couple had planned to plan a trip to pursue the doctor’s dreams of bringing a rheumatology clinic to Kashmir, where the couple are from.

“There is a lack of quality health care and not a lot of rheumatologists, so it would have had a big impact,” she said.

His wife said medicine was not just a career. For him, it was a vocation.

“He really and truly cared and he believed in healing. He had a fantastic touch. He had that healing touch, ”said Dr Nyla Khan.

But his biggest passion was his family, his wife and his teenage daughter.

“They were like friends. He adored her. I loved him unconditionally, “she said.” He was a man of integrity. He was a very, very warm person. “

The couple were only three weeks away from celebrating their 26e wedding anniversary.

“The void this created in our lives can never be filled. It is a loss we can never come to terms with. So this pain will stay, ”said his wife. “But at the end of the day, we all bow down to the will of God and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Meanwhile, Le Flore County MPs do not suspect foul play, but cannot rule out anything until the medical examiner’s report.

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