Greeter at Oklahoma City Walmart brings joy to customers with its friendliness, generosity


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – If you want to start your day in a good mood, some people say all you have to do is go to Walmart on Tinker Diagonal and walk through the door. There you will be greeted by Rhoda Brockman who everyone simply calls Miss Rhoda.

“Do you need a basket?” We saw her ask a customer who entered. “You can put your things here and I’ll get you one.”

One of the dozens of buyers she greets with a smile and a friendly word. In fact, Kim Evans and her husband Rick come a long way just to shop at this Walmart.

“We’re from McCloud, and we have three or four other Supercenters we can go to but I’m coming here for her,” Kim told us.

Rhoda Brockman, affectionately known as Miss Rhoda.

And it’s not just Rhoda’s kindness that keeps Kim and Rick coming back. It is also his kindness. Kim saw it with her own eyes when she took her son to Walmart to buy him a birthday present, and Rhoda surprised them.

“My son on his birthday. We came here to see her and receive a birthday present, and he said to her, “It’s my birthday! What is she doing? She takes out her wallet and gives him a $ 5 bill from her wallet and tells him to buy a birthday present. So he did. He bought it. I came back and showed him. And he gave her a big hug. And it’s indescribable as a parent.

Kim nominated Miss Rhoda for the First Fidelity Bank Pay It Forward Award. After receiving the $ 400 cash prize from Pam Bollman of First Fidelity, we went to surprise Miss Rhoda. Through a mixture of laughter and tears, Rhoda was shocked and delighted.

“Oh my God! What a surprise this is!” She says her job is to pay it forward everyday with smiles and a positive attitude.

“Because I choose to be happy,” Rhoda told us through tears of joy. “And go home happy too.”

Rhoda Brockman, smiling next, one customer at a time.

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