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The nation’s electric utilities provide reliable, abundant, and competitively priced electricity, on a not-for-profit basis, to 49 million Americans every day.

The Grand River Dam Authority is one of more than 2,000 utilities and is proud to join the American Public Power Association in recognizing October 3-9 as “National Public Electricity Week”. Each year, this week is reserved for recognizing the many contributions made by electric utilities, such as GRDA and the Tahlequah Public Works Authority.

These utilities come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like GRDA, are state-owned systems while others are structured as utility districts across a region or part of a state. However, most are municipal-owned systems, such as the 15 Oklahoma Public Electricity Communities that receive their wholesale electricity from GRDA.

In all of these municipal systems, large and small, the process works the same: communities own and operate their own electricity distribution system and the income from the sale of electricity helps fund other city services. . Parks, streets, police and fire protection can all benefit financially from the local electric utility. In fact, every GRDA public authority community in Oklahoma, regardless of its size, contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars – some even more – to their respective city’s general funds. In other words, public energy is not only a reliable, non-profit electricity service, it is also a matter of quality of life. And everything is done without using taxpayer money.

As the 23rd largest electricity utility in the country – in terms of production – GRDA is proud to be part of the public supply process and proud to share its many benefits which have a positive impact on customers, stakeholders and the people of Oklahoma. While electricity helps power the state, GRDA’s support for economic development, continued environmental stewardship efforts and efficient operations help improve the quality of life in all areas it touches.

“GRDA wants to recognize Public Energy Week because we understand how important the public energy model is to the communities we serve and the thousands of Oklahomans who live in those communities,” the spokesperson said. word of GRDA, Justin Alberty. “Most of our partnerships with our municipal customer communities date back decades, but the benefits of public energy are stronger than ever.”

TPWA has been a wholesale customer in electricity and a public power partner of GRDA since 1947.

In addition to helping support the general fund in their respective communities, electric utilities also reimburse in other ways. Through payments in lieu of taxes, free or discounted electric services, vehicles, equipment and supplies, electric utilities contribute to their local governments and citizen-owners in several ways. In fact, the APPA found that electric utilities give back 33% more to their communities than private utilities.

Closer to home, the 15 communities in Oklahoma that buy wholesale electricity directly from GRDA combine to donate roughly $ 36 million per year to general city funds. These are important dollars, especially at times when tax revenues may be lower and other sources of funding are not available.

GRDA is Oklahoma’s largest electric utility, funded by revenue from sales of electricity and water instead of taxes. Every day, GRDA strives to be an “Oklahoma Agency of Excellence” by focusing on the 5 Es: people, power, economic development, environmental management and efficiency.

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