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STILLWATER, Oklahoma (AP) – A former history teacher and coach at Stillwater High School who helped organize the teachers’ walkout in 2018 has been sentenced to jail for engaging in sexual communication with a minor.

Alberto Morejon, 28, was sentenced to ten years on Friday after pleading guilty to having sexual communications with a minor using technology. Morejon will serve the first five years in prison and the last five years on probation, his attorney, Irven Box has said.

Box said Morejon would likely serve less than three years in prison because the crime does not require that 85% of the sentence be served.

Morejon was arrested last May after an investigation that began when the mother-of-one contacted police about a possible relationship with her child’s former teacher.

“In this case, Morejon used her relationship with this victim and her knowledge of her student / teacher relationship to establish this illegal relationship,” Payne County District Attorney Laura Thomas said in a statement.

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Morejon will also have to register for 25 years as a sex offender, Thomas said.

In 2018, Morejon launched a teachers’ walkout page on Facebook that quickly reached over 70,000 followers and became an online meeting place for teachers during the walkout. The education movement brought about a slight philosophical shift in the Republican-controlled legislature, which passed a historic package of tax increases that led to sharp increases in funding for public schools and salary increases for public schools. teachers.

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