County players, coach rack up Classic Bowl basketball wins and gear

Chase Davis and Vance Raney resumed in June where they left off in March.

The two Kingfisher County players led their respective teams in scoring – and picked up some gear – in Game 1 of the Classic Bowl basketball games at Woodward last week.

Cashion’s Raney scored 16 points to lead Team Red over Team White 95-78.

He was named the game’s Most Valuable Player.

Davis led the White team with 14 points.

Davis was the Class 4A state tournament MVP for Kingfisher in March when the Jackets won a third straight state championship.

During Classic Bowl week, he was named the East’s Most Valuable Player.

Cashion’s Jonah Jenkins also scored 10 points for the Whites (teams aren’t geographically split in basketball like they are in soccer).

The red team was coached by John Hardaway of Cashion, who was named the Classic Bowl Committee’s Men’s Coach of the Year.

Hardaway coached Cashion to the Class 2A State Championship game.

Austin Frazier of Cashion (8 points) and Landon LaGasse also played for the red team.

Brayden Stover of Okarche, who scored four points, and Daxon Duffy of Lomega also played for the red team.

Evan Endres, also of Okarche, and Blake Snowden of Lomega scored three points each for the white team.

In women’s basketball, Kingfisher’s Rayland Garner scored 10 points in Game 2 to help Team Red to an 89-60 victory.

Her Kingfisher teammate Allison Green scored two points for Team Red in Game 1, which was a 61-59 loss to Team White. Okarche’s Sophie VanDenDriessche scored five points for the Whites.

Additionally, Adyson Arms of Okarche was the recipient of the $2,000 Mitchel Family Girls Basketball Scholarship. She was Green’s teammate in Game 1.

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