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The NHL expansion draft for its new franchise, the Seattle Kraken, will take place in less than two weeks.

This comes just four years after Las Vegas was added to the league.

The other major winter sports league doesn’t seem in a rush to add new franchises. Commissioner Adam Silver was asked about the possibility of increasing the roster to 30 league teams this week. He clarified that it is not near the top of his priority list.

“The most important consideration for us when we look at expansion is, will that ultimately make the pie bigger? This means that it’s potentially 30 more jobs if you grow with two teams ”, said Argent. “You are expanding the footprint of the league. How does that help us in different ways, sort of increased nationwide support. We will therefore continue to examine it. I mean, I’ve said this a few times before, we’re definitely not suggesting we’re stuck at 30 teams. I think at some point it will make sense to expand, but it’s just not at the top of the agenda right now. “

Seattle, which lost its franchise to Oklahoma City, has long been seen as the city most likely to get the next franchise. Las Vegas is also a strong contender, but there are plenty of other options. Nationally, Kansas City, Louisville, San Diego, Nashville, Tampa and Pittsburgh were mentioned to varying degrees; the league could also look at major overseas cities such as London, Montreal and Mexico City.

The Players Association would likely approve the expansion, as it would create more opportunities for players to wear an NBA uniform.

This brings us to our question of the day: Should the NBA seriously consider an expansion in the near future? If so, which cities most deserve a franchise?

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