Community Lobbying for Homeless Shelter After Wagoner Woman Died in Badly Burned | State and region news

A few days after his death was reported, Mccurley began to organize a movement to clean up the area where Webb was found, at the back of 511 W. Cherokee St. It was overrun with plants, garbage, walls. collapsed and graffiti. It wasn’t a pretty sight for Wagoner, she would agree.

Ninety percent of the people who helped clean up are themselves homeless, McCurley said.

Now, after three trailer loads of trash and counting, the area looks more and more like a place of remembrance. The corner where officers found Jessica burned is littered (in a positive way) with painted messages from Jessica’s friends and family. People left flowers, balloons and candles to commemorate Webb’s presence.

The area has been cleared of tall plants and debris.

Justin ayer

“Jessica’s House” would be an apt name for the homeless shelter, McCurley thinks.

But the plans are far from over. It has to be a clear slab in order to achieve their ultimate goal of a homeless shelter. Mccurley is in the process of applying for grants to make this happen.

“Jessica deserves better,” McCurley said. “She could not have died (in) vain. You have to push back the darkness with every ounce of light you have, or you lose the battle.

As for short-term goals, McCurley is planning a New Years Eve event honoring Webb. She receives donations of non-perishable goods and toiletries, such as soap, hand sanitizer, snacks, backpacks and face masks for the homeless. All the homeless of Wagoner are invited to the party, where they will receive these goods.

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