Cameras capture robbery of stolen truck cash machine in Oklahoma City metro area community


WARR ACRES, Oklahoma (KFOR) – A daring crime has been filmed in Warr Acres. Thieves used a stolen truck to escape with more than $ 50,000 in hard cash.

When the Warr Acres Police Department arrived at MidFirst Bank at 5801 NW 39th Expressway on September 6, evidence of the heist was still there – a Ford F-350 and a tow strap attached from the back of the truck to the automatic teller machine. door.

Surveillance shows the white pickup entering the bank parking lot at around 2:46 a.m.

The thieves then took off with $ 50,420. Surveillance video shows them abandoning the stolen truck and piling into an evacuation vehicle with what appears to be money in their arms.

According to court documents, a large yellow nylon strap and two industrial tow hooks were attached to the left behind the truck. These tools were still attached to the ATM.

Scrap watch footage.

“They obviously won’t be using their own cars,” Warr Acres Police Department deputy chief John Gray said. “They’re going to use something that’s not going to relate to who they are and on top of that, it’s going to damage the car. They don’t want to damage their own car.

This is the second Midfirst Bank ATM stolen from Warr Acres in less than a month. Police said the 6351 N. MacArthur branch was robbed on August 23.

Police are now carrying out additional patrols in banks in the region.

“We keep a watchful eye on our banks for nearby crimes,” Gray said. “We’re going to watch them for sure. “

Police said the owner of the stolen truck was looking for his vehicle. They let him know that the truck was used in a burglary and will return it to him after their investigation.

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