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Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor was the guest speaker at the Greater Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce Forum sponsored by Ascension St. John Jane Phillips.

O’Connor made a quick connection with attendees by sharing stories of his family and growing up in a hard-working Tulsa home where the budget was tight but life’s lessons were learned with lots of love and a little of discipline.

The GA commended Oklahoma’s utilities for the great job they did during the harsh winter of 2021 as they saved lives by staying. O’Connor said Texas lost 260 people and Oklahoma lost none.

He then spoke about the challenges utilities face in recouping their losses while protecting ratepayers.

The general spoke about his life before politics when he was a litigator and the great surprise he had to discover that human trafficking was more than smuggling people into the country. The cold reality, he said, was to find out how bad the problem was with female students being hunted down and groomed to be trafficked into soft porn and eventually into prostitution with the threat of death if they tried to get away. escape.

O’Connor is a big fan of our police. He said that because America tends to run away from law enforcement, Oklahoma needs to run to it and support it.

The general is very determined to keep the Feds from encroaching on the Oklahomans. In the short time since his appointment, he said he has sued the Biden administration 11 times for excess of power.

O’Connor calls the Biden administration’s “disinformation department” the “shut up department.” He said he appreciates different points of view and that the debate or the collision of opposing ideas results in the truth. He warned: “Don’t silence us. He added that the “Ministry of Truth” is a new low saying it comes from the same people who cite parents of schoolchildren as domestic terrorists.

In conclusion, O’Connor is staunchly pro-life. He says the border problem is now a 50 state problem and he told how 6 cartels have divided OK into districts and they are determined to grow within the state because “slavery and sex bring billions of dollars to the cartels” and he’s here to enforce the law.

The juiciest part of the presentation came during questions and answers when the attorney general was asked about McGirt. Below is the unedited response in podcast form:

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