Bartlesville and Pawhuska see nearly $40 million in economic impact from ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

Two Green Country communities saw their economies grow thanks to The Killers of the Flower Moon film crew.

Over the course of approximately 18 months, The Crew brought in nearly $40 million in economic impact to Pawhuska and Bartlesville combined. Since 2020, the crew has spent several months living and working in various neighborhoods in Green Country. These include Pawhuska, Bartlesville, Tulsa, and more.

“It’s been such a welcome economic impact not only for our community but also for northeast Oklahoma, but I know people from multiple industries have benefited from being here,” said Maria Gus, executive director of Visit Bartlesville.

Gus said the film crew, cast and extras mostly filmed in Pawhuska, but based their base in Bartlesville, which boosted the local economy by nearly $35 million.

“They spend money in stores, hire staff and buy merchandise,” Gus said.

She tells us that this project has revitalized Bartlesville’s tourism industry during the pandemic.

“You can have the impact of a conference or a convention, but when a movie comes to your community, instead of a three to four day impact, you get three to four months or 18 months in the case of The Killers of the Flower Moon,” Gus said.

Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce Director Mike McCartney tells us that his community took in an additional $1.5 million from the shoot.

“There were a lot of people in town at the time and they were also in stores and restaurants and things like that,” McCartney said.

They say between Pawhuska and Bartlesville, the nearly $40 million spent on filming was an amount they didn’t expect, but greatly appreciate. People in both towns tell me they expect another boost in tourism after the film’s release.

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