Tips To Finance a Car with the Lowest Rates




Financing vehicle with lower rates seems mission impossible, however it is not. Who wants to buy a car, whether new or used, can use a credit or bet on financing to realize this dream. You may be wondering how you can find lower interest rates when buying a car. Give yes and this is possible by applying at least four infallible tips to finance a car with lower interest rates.

Check out 4 tips for financing a car with lower rates


To find and finance a vehicle you need to be well aware of your current conditions and, especially, your limit on the investment you want to make, the dream you really want to achieve. Here are 5 tips that will help you finance a car with lower, more affordable rates in the Brazilian car market.

1. Do not close any deal


If you have already defined which vehicle you want to buy and what the maximum trading amount is, then now you have to be patient. It seems obvious, but many people get carried away in the first few car purchase offers. The tip then is not to close any business, research, analyze and put everything on paper to see which option is most advantageous.

2. Set the trading value


Done the surveys, the surveys and the budgets, it’s time to really set the value you have to buy or finance a car. Keep in mind that in addition to the purchase price, you may have other expenses, such as documentation and transfer. If it is a used car, it also needs to set aside a value for possible repair or relief. Also think beyond the input value, study what part value really fits in your pocket.

3. Choose the used or new car

2. Set the trading value

Another way to tinker with interest rates is to choose whether you want a new or used car. Interest rates vary greatly from bank to bank and vehicle to vehicle. For example, utility cars, such as Doblò, have higher rates than a walking vehicle. In fact, before doing any business, also make sure to check the price of the desired car in the Fipe Table.

4. Have a good entrance to finance a car

4. Have a good entrance to finance a car

The best way to lower interest rates remains the entry value. The greater your purchasing power of entry when it comes to financing a car, the lower the interest distributed in the installments, varying a lot according to the term of financing.

Use simulators before financing a car

Use simulators before financing a car

The internet offers several tools for different areas, including for those who are looking to finance a car. Many banks, and even car shops, provide the financing simulation service to buy a car. Using this feature can give you an almost exact notion of the investment you want to make and all that without leaving home.

Do these calculations and write down everything. You are advised not to compromise a very high entry value unless the bank account is available. If you have, for example, $ 15,000 to give a car for $ 25,000, give $ 10,000 and use the rest for any expenses. Enjoy the simulate to make this game of value by testing the different possibilities of buying a car via financing.

How to Use Car Financing Simulator


Dicas para financiar um carro com as menores taxas


Easy and simple to move, the simulator usually asks for some basic information, such as the price of the vehicle you want to finance, the amount of input you have available, and the number of parcels you want to make. The data will be delivered on the screen considering the current interest rates.

It is worth remembering that in addition to sites that do this simulation of car financing, there are also financial institutions that use their indexes and variables to make this calculation. If you have a checking account at some bank that offers car financing, then talk to the manager because the chances of the credit coming out at your agency are great.

It should be noted that the interest rate on credit for vehicle financing is not fixed. It is usually linked to the basic interest rate, better known as Selic, and is determined by the Central Bank!

To finance a car with lower interest rates it is necessary to follow these cautions above. Also, if you really want to buy a car with credit via the bank, check out the tips for financing a used or used Zero KM vehicle.