The Keys to Creating a Successful Internal Culture for Business


15 Apr The keys to creating a successful internal culture


 15 Apr  The keys to creating a successful internal culture Business 0 Comments

The internal culture is composed of the set of values, beliefs and attitudes that mark the parameters of behavior of all the individuals that make up an organization. Throughout the world, different companies have been able to characterize thanks to the fact that their work culture allows their employees to develop professionally in a warm, flexible and exciting environment.

Next, we will give you some keys that can be used to create the culture of your business and that you succeed in implementing it.

# 1 Define the mission, vision and values ​​according to your business

 # 1 Define the mission, vision and values ​​according to your business

In very simple terms, the mission is as such “the reason for being of the company”; the vision “what you want to achieve with the company” and the values ​​”the ethical principles on which it is governed”. In order to define them, you must answer the following questions: what does your business do? What do you want to achieve with him? and what does your business create?

Constantly communicating these three pillars is essential to be able to create a culture with which all workers can feel identified and want to continue forming part to achieve what you have proposed.

# 2 Choose a good structure

# 2 Choose a good structure

The second step to creating a successful internal culture is to define the organizational structure that your business will have. That is, the way in which it will be organized hierarchically. For this there are various types of schemes such as linear, functional, or circular.

The linear ones are those in which a single person has absolute authority and defines the tasks that each collaborator must perform. Although this type of scheme can generate greater control and balance, for many others it may represent being far from being able to propose ideas.

In a structure of functional type the command is divided into different people (bosses) who specialize in certain functions and lead teams to achieve the goals. This scheme allows a greater collaboration between employees and the responsibility is shared, which sometimes turns out to be a great motivator.

Finally there is the circular scheme, in which there is no absolute authority but this is shared among each of the collaborators so that the goals are met. An example of this is “SquareSpace”, a software development company that has opted to have a structure of this type in which there are no management positions and all take the role of active agents.

# 3 Create a positive environment

# 3 Create a positive environment

A very important part to generate a successful internal culture is to create a working environment that positively influences the daily development of your business. To achieve this, you must foster respect and collaboration among all, listen to their proposals, take them into account, recognize their achievements and let them enjoy certain benefits.

It is important that employees feel in balance with their professional development and personal life. For this you can take as an example “Google”, which allows your employees to enjoy courses to extend their knowledge, long vacations, a flexible schedule, and so on.

According to a survey conducted by “SumaCRM”, today professionals are inclined to look for companies in which they can enjoy a good working environment and have greater opportunities for development.

Now that you can identify the elements that make up the internal culture, adopt those that can generate greater value for your employees and motivate them day by day