Installment Loans For Bad Credit From $ 10,000 Without Commission!

What is Patchen Inversiones?

Patchen Financiero is the first financial institution in Mexico that specializes in Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending and has the regulation of the National Banking and Securities Commission. They aim to generate productive relationships to promote the broad development of all Mexican families, through their varied offer of safe and responsible services. Currently, the site offers online installment loans for bad credit to grow the projects of all its customers.
What is Patchen Inversiones? Patchen Financial Investments offer users the possibility to invest their money in loans and deposits to increase their finances and improve their savings and investment capacity. It is important to know that investing with Patchen means investing in people with an excellent credit history, obtaining good returns on an investment and also being able to invest in projects with a great social impact.
By entering the Patchen Inversiones site, you will find the investment simulator where you can choose the amount of money you want to invest, the destination to which you will go, the term in months of your investment, and know the possible risks of your investment. Patchen will charge a commission of 15 pesos + VAT after the second interbank transaction per month.
For those who have doubts about the risks of losing money on the site, Patchen diversifies the risk since the money of each user is in a portfolio of tens and even hundreds of credits. Depending on the strategy chosen by each client there may be minimal losses, and that is why the company selects the best accredited so that each user can invest in the best projects, avoiding large losses. Diversify consists of not investing 100% of the capital of the clients in a single project, in order to reduce the risk. On the other hand, the site allows investments for a minimum of 50 pesos and a maximum of 0.5% of the total balance for each project.
The Patchen Investments have a rating called Patchen.score, which is presented in each credit prospect when applying for a credit in the platform, allowing comparison of projects with similar conditions regarding the probability of payment. This model is based on the information provided by companies that offer credit to the Credit Bureau.
The company expects that in all cases the borrowers will keep up with their payments, if not, proceed to make a judicial collection through specialized firms. In each case, the company will report to the Credit Information Companies about the payment status of the borrowers, and in case of delinquency, the borrowers will have their credit score affected.
Users can only withdraw the amount available in their account at If you do not want to invest your total money, each user can choose the Fixed Term option for 28 days or more. Depending on the chosen term, the user will receive daily payments on the set of previously selected projects. One part belongs to the capital and the other belongs to the interests. This information is available in the Payment Calendar sector. The maturity of a portfolio is achieved after four months, so the site recommends that investments be made for at least one year to see the returns.
With the payments received on the site, the client can choose to:
• Deposit them into your Patchen Fixed Term account.
• Reinvest them in your Patchen Impulse account.
• Remove them.
The Patchen Inversiones site also has a blog with news and advice on issues related to investments and savings. Within the four categories: Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Finance for Business, and Fintech, you will find all the information necessary to advance your savings, investments and grow your business.
Requirements to invest in the site

The requirements to invest in Patchen Inversiones are different depending on whether it is a natural person or a legal entity.
For individuals, the requirements are:
• Current identification document.
• Proof of address.
• Bank account.
• Proof of telephone, water, property or light.
For moral persons the requirements are:
• Constitutive act registered in the Public Registry.

• Certificate of Fiscal Identification that has been issued by the SHCP.
• Proof of fiscal domicile.
• Bank account.
• Proof of telephone, water, property or light.
• Current identification with photographs of each representative.