Line of Credit for Decoration and Furniture


The decoration of the house itself is just as important as the construction or renovation of it. Everyone wants to have a beautiful house or even to take some actions and steps to start the transformation of the home. And who said furniture is not part of that process? Breaking everything down to simply opting for another top quality decor, is right and yearning for many consumers. Thinking of reaching this public, Caixa Econômica Federal created MovéisCard, a line of credit for decoration and furniture specially created to finance furniture, appliances and electronics. All you wanted was not?

This initiative is the result of a partnership between Caixa and the Brazilian Association of Furniture Industries (Abimóvel). At Cred Móveis Caixa , rates range from 1% to 2% per month. Interest rates will be defined according to the family income of the interested parties, according to the PMCMV income brackets.

With the card you can finance up to 100% of the asset, with term of up to 60 months, being two months of use and 58 months of amortization, with interest rates ranging from 0.9% to 1.8% per month. The credit still improves for you who are a client of the Minha Casa, Minha Vida Program.

Track 1, with family income of up to R $ 1,600. In this case, the percentage is 0.9% per month. In the case of income above this amount, up to R $ 3.2 thousand, the rate is 1.4%. In Track 2, with income of R $ 3,100.01 to R $ 5 thousand, interest of 1.5% per month. And for the other customers of the bank 1.8% per month.

Want more details pf financing

Want more details pf financing


? Let’s simulate a purchase! Let’s say you make a financing of R $ 4 thousand in 48 fixed installments, at a rate of 1% per month. In this case, you will pay in the Cash box approximately R $ 100 installment, totaling R $ 4,800.

In general, if you seek to contract the same financing in the market in the average available conditions, the interest rate is 6% am ​​and term of 24 months, which would result in monthly installments of around R $ 300, reaching the final value of R $ 7,200. So researching is always important

With this, thousands of families in Brazil will be able to have an excellent alternative of credit for decoration and furniture, with the facility of the financing in several times. In addition to the Cash, other banks also offer credit for furnishing, look for low-interest offerings that really fit into your family budget. Let’s start changing? Go to an agency of the Caixa and present ID, CPF, proof of income and address. After approved credit, you can use it through a card (MoveisCard) and the payment will be made directly in debit to account.