How to Earn 10% or More on Your Investments



At a time when our savings rates are at very low (or zero) levels, it is time to find ways to monetize our savings. In this article we will introduce you to some alternatives so that you can earn 10% or more of your investments.


Is it worth investing in financial markets?

 Is it worth investing in financial markets?


Investing in the financial markets, whether through direct purchases of shares or bonds or through the purchase of investment funds, remains one of the main ways to monetize your savings. However, we argue that there is a risk diversification that it assumes for other asset classes, and I have reported here my experience with real estate investments.

Alternative investments that allow you to earn 10% or more:


In recent months I have experienced investment through alternative platforms and as I gain more confidence I am not only increasing my involvement but also reporting my experience with these platforms. Briefly, I present some platforms that make sense that you know:

Mintos – 8% to 12% return

 Mintos - 8% to 12% return


Another platform based in Latvia and which assumes itself as a global loan supermarket. On a single platform you can buy loans issued by numerous entities, from consumer loans, car loans, housing, agricultural, or invoices. It currently has investors from more than 40 countries that invest in various markets in Europe.

It is possible to invest in loans with or without collateral. However, it has the particularity that all loans are already financed by an entity that holds a part of the loan, which clearly reduces conflicts of interest. Mintos has now brokered more than € 950 million in various currencies with an average rate of return of 12%. It has thousands of loans available, which facilitates the constitution of a diversified portfolio very quickly

ViaInvest – 9% to 12% return


A platform also based in Latvia and allowing investors to buy repurchase-backed loans (if the customer does not repay the repurchase of the loan, return capital and interest). It is a smaller platform than Twino and Mintos but has nevertheless registered close to 6,000 investors. It has already brokered close to € 100 million in loans and claims to have an average rate of return of 10.9%. It should be noted that the company currently has 157 employees so it is an already consolidated company.

Grupper – 13% annual return

 Grupper - 13% annual return

I recently started my experience with this investment platform and I value how very positive this experience is. As on all other platforms, I have opted only for buy back investments. Being a smaller platform, I have achieved higher interest rates of more than 13% for investments in business development projects (in particular real estate projects).

Twino – 8% to 11% return

 Twino - 8% to 11% return


This platform was the first one where I started to invest abroad. It is headquartered in Latvia and allows investment in loans to individuals from various countries. The interest rate on my portfolio is close to 9%. I particularly like this platform because most loans have payment guarantee, which means that if the customer does not pay there is an entity that replaces the payment.

We have left reference to some platforms that we find interesting for the profitability of their savings. It should be noted that when you put your money into any financial product you are taking risks , so you can also get higher returns. The interest of these platforms is that you can diversify your risks into portfolios with many loans and thereby yield much more interesting yield rates than alternative applications. But being the risk your should look for all the information and if you decide to go ahead, start with little and evolve over time as you gain confidence.

If you have experience on any of these platforms do not hesitate and let your ideas down ?