How It Works Apply to Loans With Anthony Blanche – Free and Fast

We at Anthony Blanche like to be 100% transparent with our users as we fully believe in the service we are offering you. We want you to also believe in him by understanding exactly how it works. First of all, it’s good that you understand that Anthony Blanche is not a bank or a lender, but this suits you. Anthony Blanche is responsible for comparing and analyzing the best financial solutions offered in the United States to offer you the right option for you. For this reason you can always trust that if we refer you to a company it is because we trust that this solution can be of help to you. In this short article we will explain how the application process works, how we maintain, how we earn money and how we help keep your information safe.

How the Application Process Works


Unlike many other financial services Anthony Blanche’s service is fast, you compare more than 100 financial solutions in one place and it is 100% free. These are exactly the steps you would take to apply to financial solutions through Anthony Blanche:

  1. You can schedule a free consultation with Anthony Blanche by calling 888-425-2021 or you can compare your only the best financial options with which we work online.
  2. Compare and analyze the different help sections of Anthony Blanche and the companies we recommend according to your needs.
  3. Fill the applications of the companies that call your attention. The applications are free and the more options you compare, the more you can save.
  4. Receive an instant response from the application you fill. (In case you are applying for a personal or business loan and you are accepted your money would be deposited directly to your bank account in as fast as 24 hours but you have to contact the lender for the exact information).
  5. If you are denied or do not like the terms of the first loan option you apply, you can buy with other options, try to fix your credit or try again in 30 days.

How We Earn Money

 How We Earn Money

As we explained to you at the beginning, Anthony Blanche is not a lender so we do not make money when granting loans or credit cards. Anthony Blanche generates his profits through advertising and references to different companies with which we work and in which we fully trust. In the case of loans we normally receive money when users are approved and / or accept a loan through Anthony Blanche.

This system helps you to always have the best intentions and recommendations for you because if you are not accepted to a loan or you do not like the loan offered we can stay without earning our commission. For this reason you can always rest assured that Anthony Blanche has your best intentions in mind when it comes to helping you with your finances and recommending financial solutions.

Also unlike many other financial companies, Anthony Blanche does not charge you anything for giving you information or recommending companies. Many other companies charge you in advance for false services or that you could have gotten for free. If you want you can find more information on how we earn money in our privacy policy and advertising disclosure.

How We Keep Your Information Safe

 How We Keep Your Information Safe

We have some users who are concerned about applying to online services and we understand their concern since their personal information is a sensitive issue as there are many services that are not what they appear to be. Anthony Blanche has helped more than 20,000 with his finances, for that very reason Anthony Blanche takes your personal information very seriously and demands that the companies we work with follow some of the most advanced security protocols in the industry.

We decided to give a more detailed explanation about the information that most concerns users:


1) Personal Information: This information refers to your name, address, # phone number and # social security number. This information is required by the lenders to identify you and see your payment history. Anthony Blanche does not have access to this information, only lenders who use 256-bit encryption systems (better system than many banks) so that your information can not be deciphered.

Tip: Never give your personal information by phone or email, only in applications that you trust that are secured by “https” and with good encryption.

2) Banking Information: The banking information is used only in the case of being accepted to the loan in order to deposit your loan. There are people who are afraid to give their banking information, but what they have to understand is that when they give # of route (public information of bank) and number of account they are not giving access to their bank account, simply the information of deposit. If people had access to your account with just the route # and # account, anyone who was given a check could get more money than you gave them on the check without your permission, but this is not the case.

Tip: Never give out your bank PIN. Giving your account number and banking route is the equivalent of giving someone your email, they can only send you emails with that information. If you give your bank PIN it is like giving them the password of your email. So do not worry so much about # of route and account, make sure you never give your bank PIN.

3) Employment Information: This information refers to your monthly income and employment company. The income and employment information is required to know if you can cover the personal loan installments that you are requesting, which is a very important factor when determining if you are accepted to a loan or not.