Financing School Supplies or Pay Cash?


Are you going to have to get funding for school supplies ? The December festivities are watered with much joy and family climate, it is a rainy month and the hot summer temperatures are still full, but the summer is coming softly, and in January, February or early March means almost all the students in school will be back in the schools again.

If you have kids, this can be a dark and expensive time of year, since back to school often requires new school and sports uniforms, school supplies, tuition and other fees. However, by using the simple tips in this article, you can save more money by purchasing school supplies by focusing on your finances.

You have leftover school supplies from the previous year

Before you go shopping or fund school supplies at your bank, be sure to scan your home to find any extra school supplies you have already purchased and stored in the drawers and cabinets.

Every year, schools return what has not been used, and sometimes we do not send everything to school, so chances are there for finding new and unused materials. You also have to forget what you bought after 365 days. Do not miss the possibility of finding extra notebooks and pens around the house. Only with this will you save a lot of money on school supplies that you will not have to buy or finance. 

Use purchase coupons

During the school season, most of the big retailers to increase their sales and take the parents buyers to their stores offer discount coupons. Be sure to check in your online rebate applications, or in your emails if there are no ads from major retailers or school material wholesalers doing promotions with coupons.

Even if you save less than one real per item, that money in the end will be a good amount. If you are not picky about the school materials brands, you can use coupons pretty much for the entire list.

Buy the stuff at stores from R $ 1.99

Buy the stuff at stores from R $ 1.99


The $ 1.99 stores are a great source for finding and buying all kinds of school supplies all year round. Most stores at $ 1.99 have everything from notebooks and pens to briefcases and backpacks. If you run out of something in the middle of the year, you can go to this type of store and buy whatever you want. In addition, you can stock your home with various household items.

Shop at lesser-known stores

If you are buying back-school supplies at an office supply store, go to the lesser-known brands or specialty stationers. If you buy notebooks without marks or smooth pastes without decoration you will pay less for not having famous names.

Your kids definitely do not need to have school supplies with Disney’s most famous cartoon characters or Marvel’s and you have to pay dozens of dollars for it or have to fund school supplies for it.

Buy school supplies in bulk

 Buy school supplies in bulk

When you are shopping for school supplies, remember that packets of notebooks, briefcases, pens, sheets of sulfite will save you money now and in the years to come. Buying materials in large quantities costs less per item and you will have more items to use next year.

Make a financing of school material

 Make a financing of school material

If you need extra money for tuition, cheap uniforms, sports fees or school supplies and do not have cash to pay cash, ask for a school material financing according to your borrower profile.

Take advantage of the online facilities of borrowing for online loan applications that are fast, easy and secure.