Easy Department Store Credit Card Make and Delivery on Time



To have or not to have a department store credit card is the question? When shopping in some large stores, which we usually see in shopping malls, I bet you’ve been asked if you’d like to sign up to win a store credit card. This is not a bad thing, when you sign up, many stores offer a discount on your first purchase and installment without interest if you do it right away at the service desk or in the specialized sector.

This currently happens in almost every department store where you step foot. My usual answer to the seller’s question is always that I’m denying any credit offer, I make my purchases and walk away. But that’s my choice, maybe yours is different.

After seeing all these ads from Boa Vista, SPC Brasil and SerasaConsumidor offering access to free credit score, and free credit check, I checked mine. I was horrified at how low my score was, even taking credit. After reading a lot about improving my credit score, check out that department store credit cards help increase my credit score.


Saying yes to department store credit card

Saying yes to department store credit card


Request process is fast – When you sign up for a department store credit card, they complete the approval process almost instantly. Sometimes you will have to submit your RG or your driver’s license, proof of address and CPF number, they will ask you some verification questions. They fill out their registration in the store records and send for analysis, the normal and not take more than 5 minutes to have an answer.

Approval is not guaranteed when you have a very poor credit history or a lower credit score, but if you have a clean name the concept changes. After the application you will know if you were approved or rejected at the time. In fact, it is easier to get these types of credit cards with a lower credit score than in banks and financial.

In general, store card cards are known as store credit cards and make the party for those who like to shop in department stores like Renner, Riachuelo, Marisa, Pernambucanas, C & A and many others.


Approval with low credit score and restricted name



When it comes to department stores, the store credit card is approved quickly and with less bureaucracy. On the other hand, banks are paralyzed when someone with restricted or negative name asks for a card for them, but with the retail and department stores not, they provide the card even when people have some negative scores on the credit system, this does not prevents department store credit card approval.

When someone orders the card and meets all requirements, the store makes it a special customer. If you are applying for a credit card online with a low credit score, your chances of getting approved are lower, however there are cards for all types of customers, including credit cards without consultation and with restriction in the CPF, SPC or Serasa .

Search the name on Serasa, SPC and Boa Vista first


Look at that good idea .. you can search online and for free, however, to see which credit card would provide the lowest interest rate, you need to apply at the store. Having a previous research allows you to choose the best department store credit card to help you have credit and increase your score.

There are websites that you can access on the internet, which would help find the best cards that you can approve according to your customer profile. The best part of the research is that these sites do not need registrations and credit inquiries to demonstrate the possibilities.

Increase your credit limit on the card


You have signed up for a store card application and it has been approved – Ok! What to do now? How can you improve your credit score? Yes! Having a card increases your credit limit, not at first, you will need to use it constantly for the administrator to do this gradually.

You will know that your credit score is improving when you start receiving a lot of mailing letters at your preferred address. Companies love to send in credit card deals when you have a history and good credit score. Keep an eye out for those who make a point of being as irritating as an underarm scab.

Increasing your credit limit means you can spend more, right? It’s true, but this is not flat, the truth is that having more credit is legal, but avoid spending more, is much better. In fact, the less you spend, the better your usage rate.


Decrease store credit card usage rate


 Decrease store credit card usage rate


Your usage fee is related to your overall credit limit. Being a good buyer, department store credit cards will always increase your credit limit and reduce your utilization rate. When you have a low credit card balance and a high credit limit, that means you are not a risk client.

The more you prove that you are not a risky customer, the more you can increase your credit limit. When your credit limit is increased and you continue to spend as little as possible, your usage fee will continue to decline and your credit will continue to increase.

Credit card providers have the ability to increase their credit limit whenever they want, stay tuned for that, not always having a high credit limit is a good deal.