Direct Account Lending



The personal loan can be offered with very different conditions according to the type, with the line and modality chosen. The one offered to natural persons is usually repaid between 6 months and 5 years to pay. The shorter repayment term may not be the best for you because the installments are high, but the interest costs are certainly cheaper.


Credit card debt 

Credit card debt 


If you are willing to pay off your credit card debt because you are only making the minimum bill payments, a direct loan on the account with a 12- to 36-month plan could significantly increase the positive balance of your monthly salary and clear the card. Although it is paying a debt with another debt, the costs could be reduced dramatically.

It is not difficult to find loan without bureaucracy and loan without consultation or still loans with debit in bank account with restriction, the problem is in the dozens of delusional offers and ghost companies that we have heard about.

Here at Edward Murdstone we have received from many Internet users loan applications in the most varied ways to receive “fast money” or “personal loans online”. We do not release or intermediary loans.  We have also received frequent reports of people being deceived into paying initial fees in order to obtain personal loans with restraint and without queries that never materialized; to make matters worse, they later discovered that the personal information they had given in these misleading solicitations was used to other purposes illicit or sold to other types of scam artists.

Before applying for a direct loan on account and loans without online consultation, make sure the website and company that offers the loan is legitimate. Check consumer websites for online complaints.

Remember many scammers change the name of websites and businesses often to avoid detection. One tip is to enter the name of the site, the cnpj, the phone disclosed and also check on about the owner of the site.

Avoid companies that promise loans whether or not your credit is clean, legitimate lenders always look at your credit history, with the exception of “paycheck credit.”

When you apply for loans online, make sure that you are only actually submitting your information to a secure and SSL-secured site (look for the lock on the top left or right side of your browser).