Digital Account: Learn How Digital Accounts Work = Account Consolidation


Digital Accounts – The new fashion item is now not a luxury clothing or car brand, it’s digital checking accounts and everyone wants to know how these 100% online accounts work and why they’re revolutionizing the way we relate to banking .

There is no denying that technology is a fundamental part of our day to day life. Our professional and personal life is attached to it in a very strong way. We can do just about everything online. An example of this is digital accounts. Banks have already found that digital accounts can be a good deal. They can also be a very practical and safe way to keep your money well-kept. In addition, this service offers some facilities for the consumer.

How does the digital checking account work?

Anyone who already uses online banking services is a great beta-tester candidate for the services of a fully digital account. They are created with less bureaucracy than a normal checking account, and can be a hand in the wheel for those who live online with their smartphone, tablet or laptop and need to do banking services quickly. Well worth researching and evaluate if this service is for you.

What are digital accounts?


Digital accounts are basically a bank account, only digital. This is a current account modality offered by banks where you do not pay transaction fees and there is no personal service. In the digital account you only pay when you use services that make use of a manager, cashier or telephone attendant.

In this type of account you can perform traditional services like transfers, paying tickets, receiving wages or withdrawing money, you will only do this without having to speak with cash operators or managers. You will perform all the functions of a normal account by ATM, internet banking and telephone. A lot of people already work with their accounts in this way and believe that it is much more practical.

Care you should have when using a digital account

 Care you should have when using a digital account

As in the digital world, you need to take some precautions before you start using this type of service from your bank. The first caution you must have, of course, is to research a lot and check if this service is for you.

Another point that you should pay attention to are the married sales, where the bank offers another service that you do not need along with the opening of the digital account. You should also investigate the improper collection of annuities. To avoid getting trapped, just search extensively and check all the conditions of your account. Remember that all the care with your money is little.

Banks offering digital accounts in Brazil

 Banks offering digital accounts in Brazil


Opening a digital account in Brazil is easier than you think. In our country there are a good number of banks that offer this service to the client. Many of them have advantages and benefits that make it a great switch from conventional to digital.

Banks such as Itaú, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil are some that offer this service to Brazilians. Banks such as Inter (former Intermedium) and Neon Bank are also a possibility for those looking to open a digital account. Santander is another bank that offers the digital account as a possibility to the customer.

Other banks do not offer this service, but you can talk to your manager about this possibility. Opening your digital account rarely requires much paperwork. To know the conditions and what is needed to open the digital account, talk directly with your bank as each one has its own requirements for opening the digital account.


Advantages of digital account


 Advantages of digital account


The digital account offers several advantages for customers. Those who choose this mode do not have to worry about security, since it is much safer to make the transfer of securities online than by the ATM itself. No queues! Another advantage is the convenience. You can move your money any way you want and when you want. This is a huge freedom.

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You also do not have to worry about strikes, since all the service is done online. That is, there are several advantages of having a digital account. It may not work for everyone, but it is certainly an economical and very practical option. Try it!